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You seem so far away, just like my dream
My dream to run away and be with you
To forget all of my past, to start fresh
Fresh like the purified water in your bottle
That sits on the night stand next to you
Waiting to be sipped, to be drank
Washed away just like my thoughts of you.

You are so far away, exactly like my dream
My dream to run away and be with you
To be held in your firm and soft arms
To kiss your cutely cracked lips from moisture
That seeps through the cracks of your house
Which stands on the brink of forest and road,
Well, what I dream of it.

I can barely remember the first day we met
When you cracked a joke that made me blush
The blushing when we exchanged similarities
The similarities that made us both cry
The crying that lead us to share tears with smiles
Smiles that brought us to care for each other.

I miss hearing your sweet voice through the holes
That are forming within my love for you
I miss seeing your struggle across your words
That rarely strike me through the pale screen
The pale screen that separates me from touching your face
The pale screen that separates me from resting my head on your shoulder
The pale screen that speaks for us but doesn't show our true feelings
The pale screen that may be speaking for you and hiding your truths.

I wipe the tears off the brim of my cheek
As I glance into the screen to seek your voice
And turn away wishing you would tell me
Tell me what has got you down or away
Or being away from me to avoid and divert
My love for you, my love that I still hold
Holding not close to my heart but far
Far and locked away into my sly case
The case that can only be unlocked by you
By you and your key to catch me
To catch me before I fall to the concrete.

I've already hit the ground
And I don't know how to react now
Now that I haven't seen your voice
Nor your plea of words hitting me
Hitting me hard in the sly case inside
Inside that can be only opened by you
By you with love, but I guess in this case
In this case you open with disregard.

I find this dream of mine so thin
Thin like hair that floats to my knees
They stiffen and buckle to my feelings
The feelings driven not by me
But by a longing for my dream
The dream that will never come true
That ceaselly throws me back to the past
For me to relive and never strive for.

Since when do dreams become real?
Since when does love become strong?
Since when do memories last?
Since when does the sun,
bright as day and eager for love
ever face the true meaning
of never finding it's shadow?
just... thoughts... everything... true to myself...

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September 23, 2012
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