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FUSION - Viridine by Fyreglyphs FUSION - Viridine by Fyreglyphs
Fun fusion time! ^^

So I was part of a cool even thing over on Tumblr called Fuse-A-Palooza hosted by gemsonaresources! They're a blog that is great at helping people with gemsona questions regarding outfits, fusion ideas, critiques, and much more! They hosted a fun event where you throw your name in the hat and choose a gemsona of your choice and then you get paired with another person's gemsona and had to draw the fusion between the two! I got paired with scorching-scotch (tumblr) and their lovely Larimar, and drew, what I saw, what their fusion would be!

I was bumping off some ideas of what fusion gem they would be together, and I was leaning towards a Jasper, but I chose Viridine because it can come in a pure cut or on its own (which is somewhat similar to Larimar physical-wise). Plus, it’s a sweet and short name! ^^

Personality-wise, I’d think Viridine would be the most worrisome mother like figure ever, and would avoid getting into tough situations. I wanted to try and find a fusion between the weapons and ended up with the shield with a chain attached, so Viridine could use it for defense and offense (kinda treating it like a frisbee/yo-yo thing)! Honestly I think they would be a somewhat stable fusion, but would split when heartfelt things hit them. Sphal would be there to try and cheer up Larimar in those times and take over in order to stay fused.

Hope you enjoy! ^^
Virdine (my version) (c) Fyreglyphs
Larimar (c) Scorching-scotch
Copyright tag for Deviants 16 by rclarkjnr

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[FUSION] - Sphene by Fyreglyphs FUSION - Red Jasper by Fyreglyphs

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August 24, 2017
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