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FUSION - Sphene by Fyreglyphs FUSION - Sphene by Fyreglyphs
I finally got her done! And I'm really proud with how she turned out! ^^

Here's Sphene! She's a fusion between my Sphalerite Fire and SU's Peridot! I really want to imagine that this is like Peridot's and Sphale's first time fusing, and they fuse together! I imagine that Sphene is very similar to how Stevonnie ended up, but having a more techie-like personality, and likes to do a lot of random things that randomly come to her mind. She is very fascinated by nature and likes to create things based on nature, like sculptures and other art aspects. She's fairly bubbly and likes to enjoy the views of Earth, frequently sitting on her own and watching the sunset or something similar. I chose not to include her weapon because it's not something fused or anything of the sort. Between Sphale and Peridot, I want to say that her main ability is ferrokinesis, and she can summon her meteor hammer when she wants to!

Hope you enjoy! ^^
Art, Sphene, and Sphale (c) Fyreglyphs
Peridot (c) Rebecca Sugar

Copyright tag for Deviants 16 by rclarkjnr

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[FUSION] - Orange Agate by Fyreglyphs FUSION - Yellow Topaz by Fyreglyphs
zebG Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice
HCShannon Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like her hair!
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February 7, 2017
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