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FUSION - Orange Agate by Fyreglyphs FUSION - Orange Agate by Fyreglyphs
When you want to try to draw multiple limbs that are not arms :'D

Heeeere's Orange Agate! She's a fusion between my Sphalerite Fire and SU's Jasper! I had a tough time figuring out the best gemstone they would be together, then I found Orange Agate because hey! They have a lot of orange in common! Orange Agate has three legs, two dominate ones and one that kinda like trails behind. I want to say it acts very similar to the ring finger because if one finger moves that finger moves kinda thing (that is my best way to describe it lol). Agate would probably have a very dominating personality and likes to show off a lot. She's very independent, and tends to underestimate her own strength. I would also say she's very sarcastic! I had trouble with her weapon as well, so I did a mix between a flail and a chain whip!

Hope you enjoy! ^^
Art, Orange Agate, and Sphale (c) Fyreglyphs
Jasper (c) Rebecca Sugar

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January 31, 2017
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