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FUSION - Cuprite by Fyreglyphs FUSION - Cuprite by Fyreglyphs
The last of the Crystal Gems crew! Here's Cuprite, a fusion between my Sphal and canon Garnet!

I've been wanting to draw them for a while, but it was way to difficult to find the right gemstone for them. I ended up making a Sphal inspired Garnet, with a couple of color changes here and there of course. As you can see, she does have five eyes, but since the fusion has a pretty stable mind, two sets of eyes are almost always closed. Her weapon is a dual flying claw!

I would imagine that Cuprite is a fairly stable fusion; she is very caring of others and tends to lose herself in her thoughts. I would only think that the only thing that could mix it up would be the action-y part from Garnet (aka. probably Ruby) that would be hard to keep them together. I can imagine Ruby shouting at both Sapphire and Sphal to get into gear if something goes down xD. I also imagine Cuprite really cracking a bunch of jokes to make people laugh. As always, I had to include Garnet's glasses, but I don't imagine Cuprite really using them that much. If she did, it was to feel more like Garnet at times. She tends to fiddle with them more than use them.

Hope you enjoy! ^^

Cuprite (c) Fyreglyphs
Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar
Copyright tag for Deviants 16 by rclarkjnr

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June 14, 2017
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