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FAN-FUSION - Peridot and Lapis by Fyreglyphs FAN-FUSION - Peridot and Lapis by Fyreglyphs
OKAY SO my headcanon is that both Peridot and Lapis have been fusing off screen without Steven and the other gems knowing it and that one day Steven stumbles in on them fused and just yeah <3 I really want to see their fusion so badly, so I did my own fusion!

I have no idea what gem they would be, but I'm hoping it's Aquamarine (for the sake of proving that a gem can fuse to be a simple gem already seen in the show)! By melding Peridot's ferrokinesis and Lapis' hydrokinesis, they have like liquid metal abilities in a sense?? They'd still have the ability to manipulate metal and water on their own, but I wanted to change the wing color to like a liquid mercury substance!

Hope you enjoy! ^^

Design (c) Fyreglyphs
Peridot and Lapis (c) Rebecca Sugar
Copyright tag for Deviants 16 by rclarkjnr

Please do not reuse, repost, reproduce, trace, steal, or use in any way without my permission. Please credit! This is my art and my art only.
You may not post somewhere else without my permission. This is only a theory, not canon. Any resemblance to other theory-fusions is completely coincidental.

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FelisLupus Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
looks alot like artifizell, its not even funny

were you inspired by them?
Fyreglyphs Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Very much! ^^ Her art is a big inspiration for me!
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July 17, 2017
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