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FAN-FUSION - Amethyst and Peridot by Fyreglyphs FAN-FUSION - Amethyst and Peridot by Fyreglyphs
ALRIGHTY SO like I had no idea what they would look like fused together aha but everybody voted for this fusion in my poll! I tried to grab inspiration from other fan fusions of the two and noticed the majority of them were green and purple separately so I wanted to change that up. They would be a lighter blue/blue-green gemstone of some sort, maybe Flourite?

I knew for sure though that they would have two sets of arms, as Amethyst is physically stronger than Peridot. I wasn't for sure about eyes, so if you look close enough, one eye is purple and the other green. I also just kept Amethyst's whip since we still haven't seen Peridot's weapon yet (her ferrokinesis doesn't count as a weapon). I drew both Amethyst's 2nd latest form and latest form of when she's been with Peridot. 

Hope you enjoy! ^^

Design (c) Fyreglyphs
Amethyst and Peridot (c) Rebecca Sugar
Copyright tag for Deviants 16 by rclarkjnr

Please do not reuse, repost, reproduce, trace, steal, or use in theory videos. This is my art and my art only. 
You may not post somewhere else without my permission. This is only a theory, not canon. Any resemblance to other theory-fusions is completely coincidental.

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July 21, 2017
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