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Dekel - New by Fyreglyphs Dekel - New by Fyreglyphs

So I finally finished this damn guy, and holy crap drawing guys is hard. This took me at least a week to get down. But here's the flower fairy flirt: Dekel! okay whoa I wanna date him //shot

Name: Dekel Le’eiun (Dek)
Age: 21 | May 18
Gender: Male
Species: Garden-Flower Fairy
Height/Weight: 6’3” / 159 lbs
Rank: Gangster of Belli Hooke

Powers/Skills: Gardening Talent - Fairy Form

Born into a fairy family descending from flower fairies, Dekel is very adept in gardening and farming. He has a natural talent of sensing what plants need in order to grow, and can use a bit of fairy dust to care for them. Yes he uses water and the typical things any plant needs, but uses fairy dust to help them grow bigger and better. He can make flowers grow in an instant, but keeps his focus on farming food. He can also shrink down to about five-inches in height, making him more agile and more fairy like. This is technically his natural form, but being in a world of mixed races, he wants to fit in with others. He goes into his natural form to farm quicker, and is able to collect fairy dust faster too.

Personality: Social Butterfly - Kind-Hearted - Loyal - Proud - Planner (ESFJ)

Dekel is a very social guy, and likes to keep up to date with friends and family. He likes to keep everybody happy around him, and isn't afraid to help others out when they need him. He avoids hurting others' feelings, unless it is to protect somebody closer to him. When there's tension in a room, he tries to be the mediator to restore harmony and keep everybody happy. He is very dedicated to his friends and family, and, despite what you would think, can always be relied upon. On the flip side, he is also fairly vulnerable to criticism, taking things to heart and often lashes out to protect his pride. He puts himself on a high pedestal, acting tough and brave and keeping others happy, and dislikes when somebody tries to knock him down. He is also very devoted to his work, and sometimes puts that in front of other important things, as he is very ocd into making sure his hard work pays off. He avoids confrontations, and always has a plan for everything, not wanting to step out of his comfort zone.


Dekel was born into a lower class fairy family, where his dad worked as a farmer and his mom worked as a florist. He helped his dad on the farm, and his skills being a flower fairy helped his mom. All was well, getting a good meal everyday, until his parents came forward telling him that they were expecting another kid. At first Dekel wasn't happy, but knew in order for his family to be safe and happy, he had to work harder. He continued to help his parents, but it wasn't enough so he talked to some people and got recruited into the Belli Hooke gang. He didn't tell his parents until Vearn, his little brother, was born. They were outraged at first, but he was able to at least convince them that they will help with bills. They reluctantly agreed, even sporting Vearn into it as an apprentice.

Dekel went up the ranks, able to not only attribute to their food stock, but as a good asset as a gangster in general. He felt determined to get even higher, wanting to pay off everything his parents did for him and his brother. He plans on getting a place and branching off his mom's business as well as add more farming grounds for his dad. He frequently encourages Vearn to do so as well. He's not too hot on Vearn becoming a gangster, but implores him to keep close so he won't get caught up in any of the fighting and gang misfit.

Family: Vearn (younger brother, apprentice) – Parents (alive)

Interesting facts:
:: He is defensive of his ability as a gardening fairy, and gets embarrassed when people mock him for it.
:: He is very VERY protective of his younger brother.
:He is very good at scouting for his gang, and often finds himself on missions to do so.
:: Despite being a flower fairy, he is fairly strong and fights well when he needs to. But he often takes blows because he doesn't like to hurt his opponent.
:: He likes to flirt, a lot, but does not cat call to avoid offending others. 
:: He is very flexible and often shows that off to girls.
:: His wings are translucent and sparkle when he uses his fairy magic.
:: He's not a fan of shirts, as they restrict his movement, but wears his vest to be at least somewhat decent.
:He likes to tan in the sun.

Copyright 9 by Th3EmOo

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The improvement here is amazing Fyre! 
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Thanks so much!
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