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Breezy - Maximum Ride OC by Fyreglyphs Breezy - Maximum Ride OC by Fyreglyphs
I kind of messed up with her eyes... she's supposed to be looking towards her right.... meh....

So this is my maximum ride oc Beurana! But everybody calls her Breezy :3

Maximum Ride OC
Template by ~A-Blank--Space

Real name: Beurana (Breezy)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Mutant
D.O.B: Autumn
Height: 5í6.5Ē
Weight:113lbs (bones modified for climbing)
Hair Color: Dark Auburn except around the frame of her face which is a light auburn
Hair Style: Semi-curly and goes down to her shoulders
Eyes: Chocolate brown
Skin: Slightly tan
Outfit: Camo-half-jacket, skinny jeans, gray Velcro tennis
Accessories: Headphones for ears and for music
Personality: Loves nature, picky with food, normally quiet cuz she has frequent daydreams, known for her sarcasm, shy when first meeting a new person
Likes: Nature, listening to music, hanging with friends
Dislikes: Storms, fire, difficult situations
Weaknesses: Canít really focus on something
Strength: Able to change her mind quickly and sometimes instinctively
Fears: Poisonous things, needles, alligators and/or crocodiles
Love Interests: ?
Theme Song: Easier to Run by Linkin Park
Background: She was born in a lab in Equador, South America. She doesnít remember her parents but does remember mainly living in a small sanctuary the white coats built for her. The place was basically a small forest built just for her. Other kids lived there as well. She found her ability for climbing trees when a kid mixed with poisonous dart frog dna chased after her. She is very agile and strong. She found her ability to send vibrations through the earth (able to cause an earthquake up to a number 3 earthquake) when the whitecoats sent in a large group of alligator mutants (like Erasers but alligators). They were told to kill off the group of kids with flamethrowers. Beurana scurried up many trees and was stuck in one as it slowly burned. The tree then fell over and crashed into the large glass dome and the building was then engulfed in flames. She ran for her life, she didnít want to get burned to death. She barely made it with one degree burns. She traveled up through Middle-America into the United States. She picked up some Spanish and noticed she could speak it fluently as well as English. She later found Sophieís flock and joined them for the time being.
School (Institute or another lab) History: See background
Species of Experiment: Human/Bear
Crossbreed With: Spectacled bear and Asiatic Black Bear
Percentages: 94% human, 5.5% Spectacled Bear, .5% Asiatic Black Bear
Mutated Features: Abnormally large, dark-brown ears and tail. She has a faint layer of brown fur on her back in one large patch.
Special Abilities: Climbs tree quickly and easily, can send vibrations through the ground, can send people thoughts
Disabilities: Rarely eats meat, canít read peopleís minds (frustrates her)
Other abilities:
:bulletgreen: can make rocks and earth fly up with her mind
:bulletgreen: knows when a storm or something is coming but it's slightly accurate
:bulletgreen: her ears can hear everything that is happening in the earth (ex. trees falling, a drill, etc.)
:bulletgreen: has retractable claws to help her climb easily
Bambiiie Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! :D She looks amazing! :)
Fyreglyphs Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey thanks! :D
Bambiiie Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol your welcome :)
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December 31, 2011
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