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Breezy by Fyreglyphs Breezy by Fyreglyphs
- General -
Name: Beurana Gonzales
Nickname: Breezy
Age: 21
Height/Weight: 5'7.5" / 133lbs
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

- Abilities -
Species: 2% Spectacled Bear, 0.5% Long-tailed weasel
Power(s): Geokinesis

Breezy is able to manipulate earth elements. Still a developing ability, she can cause an earthquake up to a magnitude of 3.5 with a radius of half a mile, which is enough to knock a person off their feet. Sadly, when creating an earthquake, she is extremely weak afterwards. She only creates them in drastic measures. She can also lift rocks (at a multitude of 8) up to the size of an average boulder. The smaller the rock, the easier it is to handle for her.

Weaknesses: Pyrophobia - Geokinesis

She has the greatest fear of fire and how it can hurt her in any way. She can be okay with a fireplace if it's contained, but she still won't get close to it. She will not light matches, go to a bonfire, etc. If she's faced with fire, she screams and tends to freeze up and/or run from it (depends on the situation). She still has scars from getting burned in the past, always reminding her of what fire can do to a person. When it comes to her power, especially, she can become extremely weak afterwards, especially if she sends off an earthquake. Completely vulnerable, she's practically useless. When handling rocks and up to a boulder, the more weak she becomes. Whenever she uses this ability, it drains her.. The smaller the object (the earth - a rock), the less energy is drained from her. Lifting a boulder would leave her panting and needing at least half and hour of rest, and hovering a handful of pebbles would give her a headache up to a migraine. The more she does it, the more weak she gets. Most of the pain resides in her head, but her muscles will eventually give way like there's a heavy weight on her body. Another problem is that she has to have her complete focus on the earth and whatever she's handling. She's vulnerable from every angle. If somebody shakes their fingers in front of her eyes, she'll lose focus. Not a good idea if she's holding a boulder over her head for sure. 

- Personal -
Personality: Music Geek - Ambivert - Tomboy - Motherly - Quick Tempered (INFJ)

Wherever she goes, she has her iPod with her. She doesn't have a particular favorite genre, as she enjoys listening to different kinds of music, but her least favorite is screamo. She doesn't like screamo. If somebody plays her a song, usually it’s an instant favorite/liking. There are maybe a small handful of songs she absolutely hates. She’ll almost always has her green and brown headphones around her neck. She can be outgoing and not, often prefers to keep to herself but will jump into the social atmosphere when the time arises. She tends to shy around strangers, but once she gets to know them, she opens up greatly. She loves her husband, and can very out there in affection towards him (so avert your eyes young children). Referring back to her past, she grew up in a forest so she is automatically attuned to nature. She tends to claim a tree as her home for a day or weeks end (see bio for more). When she gets upset, frustrated, or gets any negative emotions, you’ll find her in her tree or doing something to calm herself down.  She also loves children and working with them. But when something doesn't go her way, she can snap. She likes to daydream from time to time and likes getting things done; she dislikes when people get in her way and put her down.

Bio: She has no recollection of her parents, because she was born in a lab in Ecuador. The lab consisted of a small building for hands-on experimenting, which was then connected to a very large dome having part of the environment within it. Instead of cages, the scientists there had a different view on how to see how their experiments develop in a more humane way: in their animal’s  natural environment. Her existence was only to be an asset in detecting shifts in the earth to warn others about earthquakes and other tremors, primarily. They intended to enhance that skill, but from previous experiments, they decided to go with a new ratio of weasel to bear. When in the dome structure, every now and then they would create false tremors in the ground to see her reaction. It was successful, but luckily was kept at bay when another bear mutant decided to take in Breezy and keep her safe from being sold. There, Breezy learned to control and enhance her abilities under the guidance and eyes of the other bear mutant, Okida. Being raised like mother and daughter, they were close at the hip. She made many friends at the lab and had a good place to roam but was still limited.

Over time, the population in the dome expanded to a point that the mutants started to retaliate. So the scientists created new executioners: crocodile/alligator mutants. The execution was successful... a little too successful. The new executioners took over the lab, and the few mutants left struggled to keep alive. Breezy was one of the few, witnessing both Okida and best friend’s death. The cat and mouse game between the hunters and the hunted was going on for too long, so the hunters brought out flamethrowers to burn the entire place down. In the ruckus, Breezy managed to barely escape with third degree burns. Watching her home burn to the ground behind her, a fallen tree caused a hole in the dome and she escaped into the wild.

She lived in the forest for quite a while before she saw some explorers. This was the first time she saw a human out of the norm, and she felt inclined to learn more.... this led to many more chases and such from local authorities. They drove her out of the country, and she eventually found herself in Australia in search of Maximum Academy. During her time there, she grew fond of Ricardo (thatnogoodnoob's character) and ended up marrying him. Once she became pregnant she was excited to start a family. Then a tragic miscarriage happened. Devastated to no end, she fled because she believed she was a failure as a mother. She didn’t know where to go, but she ended up in northern Britain and took refuge in a forest. After a year there, she decided to move out of instinct. She noticed a large building and decided to check it out, unbeknownst it was a mansion dedicated to mutants: Hawkings Manor.

EDIT: Now she lives on her own. Who knows where she'll end up next?

 - camouflage patterns
 - organizing
 - music
 - kids (unless they bug her out of her mind)
 - nature
 - being outside

 - reptilian creatures/mutants (they scare her)
 - swearing (especially when she does it accidentally)
 - pizza, it's too weird of a food
 - being made fun of
 - not getting something done the way she wants it

- Organization -
Staff Position: Maid
Room Wing/Number:
RP Methods: Role Play and Contact Information
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