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App - Janelle by Fyreglyphs App - Janelle by Fyreglyphs

        [ General ]

Name: Janelle

Age | DOB: 23 | August 9

Gender: Female

Height | Weight: 5’9.5” | 145

Nationality: American

        [ Martial ]

Species: 2% Jaguar (melanistic), 98% Human

Massive Bite

In accordance with her DNA, Janelle can produce a bite up to 450 psi. This is enough to break bones of various animals, but the larger and denser the bone is, the less damage is inflicted. She not only has her normal human canines, but those are larger and the rest of her teeth are sharper as well. She can open her mouth 0.5% wider than a human, which also adds onto the strength.

 Sensitive Jaw - Great Claustrophobia - Normality

Even though jaguars were built to have a strong jaw, when it’s mixed with human DNA, things can get funky. Some parts of her jawbone can withstand certain amounts of pressure and other parts can’t. This causes major pains and sometimes her bottom jaw gets dislocated. It only takes a couple adjustments to set it back in place, but it leaves a major ache afterwards. Every now and then her jaw might not set right and she has to set it on her own. After biting something hard, she tends to stick to soft foods for a few days because of residing pain. She absolutely despises being inside small places, even buildings. Growing up mostly inside for her entire life, she always prefers the outside. Usually when called into a building for a meeting, to eat, etc. she’s really wound up and doesn’t react like her normal self. She’s more prone to doing things she wouldn’t do, kind of like she’s a little scared/drunk. She’s not immune to bullets, poisons, illness, etc. She’s just like any other human, well, with a bit of jaguar DNA in her.

Position: Scout

        [ Personal ]

 Sarcastic - Loner - Protective - Curious (INFJ/ISFJ)

She only speaks to people if spoken to, and only speaks up when she's either angry or frustrated with somebody, or genuinely wants to talk to that person (occasionally happens). She is often sarcastic and often tries to "bully" people with words to get them to either crack, break down, or shut up. She's not the one to start the conversation, but many times her presence is what sparks up a conversation even if it is only a few words. One of the biggest reasons why she keeps to herself is because she often finds herself in conversations where somebody is too ignorant to see her side of things and tries to convince her otherwise. At the surface she can be seen as cold-hearted towards others, but deep down she really is a teddy bear. She is very protective of people close to her, and always sees the other side in things. She is very curious and likes to understand people from different views, as well as attempting to jump between trees, and many other things. Sometimes her curiosity gets the best of her, much like curiosity kills the cat, but for her it's more of a slap in the face to get back to reality. This sometimes heeds her missions, and is often paired up with somebody to avoid it. 


Janelle was born to a teen mom in southern Mississippi, and her mom was elated of having her despite her boyfriend’s retorts. Once he found out his girlfriend was pregnant, he ollied out of there quickly. Janelle grew up with no father except for her young mom and grandparents. Young Janelle stayed primarily with her mom at their small apartment, and occasionally at her grandparents’ abode. Janelle was constantly getting into things, begging for attention, etc. just like a normal kid her age would do. She was constantly shouted at and became more of a nuisance rather than a daughter to her mom. Her mom grew tired of taking care of Janelle, wanting to focus on her school work and job, and threatened to hurt Janelle several times whenever Janelle opened her mouth. There were times where she did hurt Janelle, but only her arms, making Janelle wear long sleeves for most of her life. She was often locked in the basement with her toys if she was with her mom. It came the day when Janelle got into her mother’s jewelry. She refused to let go of a necklace that both of them tugged over, and then the following day Janelle was up for adoption.

Instead of going to a good home, she was thrown into a cage. ITex took in four year old Janelle and set her up to work for them. Happily, the girl obliged due to being thrown out by the only mother she knew. She was elated to have somebody's full attention, and she clung to the people who did so. She was trained, tested, all with jaguar DNA embedded at a young age, inheriting the melanistic gene by default. ITex’s intent was to make her a "feline" Eraser, but since she wasn't exposed to a social life at a young age, it was tough to interact with others. It also didn't help that she was ridiculed when they tried to push her to work with other grunts, so they placed her as a scout. She went on several missions to help hunt down escaped mutants and small housings, successful in all. She was and still is dependent on ITex for shelter. The only time she screwed up was when she was watching the Erasers training from a distance. She was about fourteen. They ended up gaining on her, and she unleashed her fury and fright from being pushed down and beat for being small compared to them (as well as other things over the years). She was put in a solitude area and scolded. If she ever did that again, there would've been even more brutal punishment. She has hated Erasers ever since. As time passed, they let her work up for more freedom to buy her own clothes, food, and other personal things. She was later assigned to work for a branch in Australia.

As much as she is loyal to iTex, she sees it more as a safehaven for her rather than doing their dirty work. Since her mother gave her up, she reached to the nearest thing at that time in life to cling to. Seeing that she was just dealt a bad hand, Janelle keeps her focus on repaying her "family". She sees family as working for protection and care, and shouldn't question her family's "morals" otherwise she'll get hurt. Janelle also sees many of her missions as "rescues" to save the mutant kids from being hurt by people like her mother. She knows that being with iTex has declared a bit fat label on her and hates that, and also knows that for every defying moment against them will not be pretty for her in the long run. Her best bet is for her to stay where she's at.


*rolls eyes*


*softly grunts*

RP Mediums: Role Play and Contact Information


:bulletblack: Don’t touch her ears. Or her tail. She will bite you.

:bulletblack: Her favorite place to hang out is outside.

:bulletblack: She’s not a music person; she finds it fairly annoying.

:bulletblack: She sometimes grooms herself.

:bulletblack: She has very sharp claws on both her feet and hands. They are non-retractable but can grip many things.

:bulletblack: She prefers the night over the day.

:bulletblack: When on missions, scouting, or just in the forest, she tends to walk/crouch in a cat like stance.

:bulletblack: She is catlike in everything she does, from eating to smiling to sleeping.

:bulletblack: One of her pastimes is swimming. 

:bulletblack: If you are close enough to her (without being attacked), you can see the jaguar patterning in her fur.

:bulletblack: She tends to snap at people, even biting, when they annoy/anger her.

:bulletblack: She absolutely despises the Erasers.

:bulletblack: She is often lost in thought when not on duty.

Copyright 9 by Th3EmOo

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DW13-COMICS Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018
Bitch of a mother, eh? I wonder what her reaction was when she got a Tail. Or other mutant features. 8-)
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Lovely character you've made here. The design and just everything is pretty rad u-u
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Kittys-yay Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Student General Artist
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She and Luzia would clash so badly pffff
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Demetri: Welcome to Australia, my Comrade. I am Demetri; if you have any questions just ask.
Fyreglyphs Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Janelle: *grunts* *walks off*
Pikapowered Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
Demetri: *tosses her an ID card* You'll need that to get in the building. I wish you a pleasant stay.
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