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30 Day Gemsona Challenge - Day 3 by Fyreglyphs 30 Day Gemsona Challenge - Day 3 by Fyreglyphs
I know I'm late with this bUT it needed to be in comic form!

Background: What’s their story? Who are they? What’s their personality?

She was created on Homeworld to do regular Sphalerite duties but shocked others for emerging off colored. Despite this, she was determined to show her surperiors that she was worth something over being shattered. They allowed it, only giving her side jobs for lesser gems but she took pride in doing her best. When the Rebellion occurred, she was sent as "extra muscle" as Homeworld was getting desperate. While in battle, her physical form got badly damaged and got poofed, her gem falling into a nearby river that led to a ravine. She was washed down a ways and got lodged in some mud, keeping her from reforming. Decades passed, and the water rose enough to wash her out. Once she reformed, she searched for her comrades and tried to get back home. Realizing that they weren't coming back for her, she half-heartedly felt relieved and terrified, eventually coming to appreciate the Earth for what it was and finding refuge in the animals there.

I had to reuse an old pic for the last panel cuz I couldn't think of anything for the background. Plus backgrounds are harrrd!

:bulletorange: Day 1 - Introductions
:bulletorange: Day 2 - Weapon Summon
:bulletorange: Day 3 - Background
:bulletorange: Day 4 - Crystal Idol
:bulletorange: Day 5 - Purple P and Tiger M
:bulletorange: Day 6 - Special Talents
Bullet; Orange Day 7 - The Homeworld
Bullet; Orange Day 8 - Distance Model
Bullet; Orange Day 9 - Cracked Gem
Bullet; Orange Day 10 - Change of Heart
Bullet; Orange Day 11 - Dream Team
Bullet; Orange Day 12 - Alt Outfit
Bullet; Orange Day 13 - A Day in the Life of
Bullet; Orange Day 14 - Challenger Approaching!
Bullet; Orange Day 15 - Regeneration
Bullet; Orange Day 16 - Hanging with Humans
Bullet; Orange Day 17 - Fusion Frenzy
Bullet; Orange Day 18 - Shapeshift
Bullet; Orange Day 19 - Steven Style
Bullet; Orange Day 20 - Loyalty
Bullet; Orange Day 21 - Monster Gem
Bullet; Orange Day 22 - Rebellion!
Bullet; Orange Day 23 - Same Gem? Same Gem!
Bullet; Orange Day 24 - Outfit Exchange
Bullet; Orange Day 25 - Historic Site
Bullet; Orange Day 26 - With the Gems
Bullet; Orange Day 27 - Stars In Your Eyes
Bullet; Orange Day 28 - Guess Who?
Bullet; Orange Day 29 - Favorites
Bullet; Orange Day 30 - Free Space
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