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Aravis in Tashbaan

By fyreflye26
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy
Chapter Seven: Aravis in Tashbaan

Lasaraleen and Aravis

I drew this in mechanical pencil and ebony pencil some time three years ago being inspired by this book I read years ago.
This is my version of the little picture depicted above chapter seven page :D over time I've added color to it with my watercolors. This drawing was hidden in my old art folder ;p

Lasaraleen and Aravis (c) C.S.Lewis
Art by :iconfyreflye26: :ahoy:
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Oh, my, this is amazing! I love the rich colours and all the intricate details!
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oh this is really neat! I like it a lot!
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I love the detail with all the colors!
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Hey nice. Drawing Aravis in that pose must have been hard.
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Mahalo nui :hug: Actually, it was surprisingly easy. Because at that time, my sister was sitting across from me in that exact same pose watching tv :D
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I remember this part in the book
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This is definitely one of the better drawings from "The Horse and His Boy" that I've yet to see on DA: you have a fantastic style - half-animated, half-realism, both detailed and simplistic - and I can't wait to see more!

[Please consider this 'Watch' the equivalent of several faves!]
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Mahalo nui!! :glomp: I have another one but it's still a WIP but i hopin' to get it done soon ;)
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Oh my gosh, it's incredible! I love the colors, their faces, and it's so like the picture you got it from. I love it!
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Wow this is amazing! I love the colors, the dresses, the furnitures, the details... I love everything this is really awesome! :)
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i lie laseralenns dress
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WOW!! I recognized this from the book! But this is way better because it's colored and so much detail, and WOW! Just amazing!
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:blush: thanks! i remember reading this part of the book and imagine very bright and lavish colors that the nobles of Tashbaan would wear. :D
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You're welcome!! And same!!
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Beautiful scene! Really amazing work! I love the colors and all of the amazing detail! The people look very natural and comfortable! I love it!
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mahalo plenty! :D
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