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Catherine Toennisson
United States
My name is Cat, I like animation, painting, video games, and drawing comics!
Hello! I'm not around DA much anymore, I check my account about once a month nowadays. If anyone wants to contact me about a commission or something, my e-mail is

Other places:

Thank you! :)


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TwilightIsMagic Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018  Student General Artist
:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsaysplz:A very good day to you, human. I come to you on your day of birth with greetings... and thanks.
:iconcelestia-plz::iconsaysplz:My good subject Pinkie Pie told me she had taken to congratulating some humans on their birthdays, but even she has her limits. So she asked us for a bit of assistance... and for such friends of ponykind, we feel it right to provide it.
:iconhappycelestiaplz::iconsaysplz:It is thanks to people like you that our land of Equestria, our very world, exists like it does. It is your friendship with us that gave us life. For that, we will forever be grateful and cherish you.
:iconcelestiapleasedplz::iconsaysplz:And so, allow me to wish you happiness, peace, prosperity and fulfillment! My hope goes with you that you suffer no hardship in the year ahead, but should a challenge befall you, I am certain your courage and skill will see you rise to conquer it!
:iconcelestiaorlyplz::iconsaysplz:Now... where is she...
:iconlunawaveplz::iconsaysplz:Here, sister!
:iconcelestiahappyplz::iconsaysplz:Fashionably late, I see! But just in time for the greetings to be given.
:iconlunashappyplz::iconsaysplz:Right! I'm ready. Three, two, one...
:iconcelestiawubplz::iconsaysplz:Happy Birthday!:iconsays2plz::iconlunahaplz:
:icondatcelestiaplz::iconsaysplz:And now... let us commence the royal party.
TwilightIsMagic Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Student General Artist
:iconpartypinkieplz::iconsaysplz:Haaaaaaappy happy birthday to our good friend today!
:iconpinkiestarryeyesplz::iconsaysplz:Here's a little birthday song with something I must say!
:iconpinkieishappyplz::iconsaysplz:On this day we celebrate having you with us!
:iconpinkiepartyplz::iconsaysplz:Throw a party here for you I'll make sure is a blast!
:iconpinkiehappyplz::iconsaysplz:I wish you only happiness, that your life's full of smiles!
:iconbrilliantpinkieplz::iconsaysplz:That you and your friends will prevail in any troubling times!
:iconpinkiebrilliantplz::iconsaysplz:Most of all, I wish for you that you'll have lots of fun!
:iconpinkiegalaplz::iconsaysplz:And share it with all close to you, spread happiness around!
:iconhotbloodedpinkieplz::iconsaysplz:OR ELSE!
:iconpinkiepiesmileplz::iconsaysplz:So let's get down to business now, there'll be no more delays!
:iconpinkiepiecakeplz::iconsaysplz:On to the birthday party, celebrate this joyous daaaaay!
TwilightIsMagic Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Student General Artist
:iconpinkiehappyplz::iconsaysplz:Yay! We're here, everypony!
:iconhappytsplz::iconsaysplz:Phew, that wasn't long. I told you we could easily make it on hoof!
:iconstyle1plz::iconsaysplz:Speak for yourself, Twi, you didn't have to carry this cake! It's heavy, you know!
:iconpinkiebrilliantplz::iconsaysplz:Thank you for helping out, Dashie! I couldn't have settled for anything less, after all!
:iconfluttershy-plz::iconsaysplz:Hi... We're here to... wish you a happy birthday.
:iconpinkiepieplz::iconsaysplz:You said it! Happy birthday!
:iconbrilliantpinkieplz::iconsaysplz:And what better way to say "happy birthday" than with a cake? :iconcakepinkplz:
:iconapple-jackplz::iconsaysplz:Why, with a real Apple family apple pie, of course! :iconapplepieplz:
:iconderpyhappyplz::iconsaysplz:With a muffin! Yay! :iconmlpmuffinplz:
:iconraritysmileplz::iconsaysplz:But these, while pleasant to give, mean little by themselves...
:iconrarityiscuteplz::iconsaysplz:What makes them meaningful are our wishes for you!
:iconpinkiesmile2plz::iconsaysplz:Exactly! And we wish for you to have a perfect birthday and a great year ahead of you!
:iconrainbowdashhappyplz::iconsaysplz:Don't fear any challenges you might face! No matter how bad it may seem, have faith in yourself and keep on being awesome!
:icontwilighthappyplz::iconsaysplz:And while at it, keep a level head and don't lose sight of what's important! Keep the magic of friendship alive in yourself!
:iconapplejackhappyplz::iconsaysplz:Remember your loved ones and friends, an' don't let little things an' worries get you down!
:iconspikethinkingplz::iconsaysplz:We hope that you'll find all you seek and be the best you can be!
:iconrarityjoyplz::iconsaysplz:Don't forget to respect yourself! You're the best at being you, so stay true to what you really are!
:iconflutterpweezeplz::iconsaysplz:And we hope that you'll be at peace with yourself, too... and that the year ahead will be peaceful for you.
:iconpinkiewinkplz::iconsaysplz:And throughout all that, have fun! It isn't fun if you don't have any, after all, and fun it should be!
:iconpinkiepartyplz::iconsaysplz:Just like today! Party on!
TwilightIsMagic Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  Student General Artist
:iconpinkiehappyplz::iconsaysplz:Weeee! Today's the day, everypony!
:icontwilightderpplz::iconsaysplz:Pinkie, do we have to teleport in like that every time?
:iconpinkiecuteplz::iconsaysplz:Of course, silly! Else it wouldn't be a proper birthday greeting!
:iconpinkiepiesmileplz::iconsaysplz:Happy birthday!
:iconapplejackplz::iconsaysplz:And it wouldn't be a proper birthday if Ah didn't bring y'all an apple pie, baked by yours truly!:iconapplepieplz:
:iconrarityiscuteplz::iconsaysplz:Let us all give you our best wishes on this occasion and wish you a wonderful year!
:iconflutter-shyplz::iconsaysplz:I hope that you will not run into any trouble this year and that everything will be as good as it can possibly be.
:icondashissuperhappyplz::iconsaysplz:Don't forget that you're awesome! And that we're all your friends! Keep on rockin'!
:icontwilightliciousplz::iconsaysplz:Always keep the magic of friendship within you. May it bring you as much joy as it brings us!
:iconadorablespikeplz::iconsaysplz:And don't ever feel like you're useless or unworthy! Only you have what it takes to live your life, so don't let anyone or anything else get you down!
:iconbrilliantpinkieplz::iconsaysplz:And of course, don't forget to have fun while at it! And speaking of fun...
:iconpinkiebrilliantplz::iconsaysplz:It's time to party!:iconpinkiepartyplz:
TwilightIsMagic Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Student General Artist
:iconpinkiebounce2plz::iconsaysplz:Over here, everypony! My Pinkie sense is telling me they're here!
:icontwilighthappyplz::iconsaysplz:Hi! Pinkie Pie invited us all to her friend's birthday party, and...
:iconpinkiepiesmileplz::iconsaysplz:And that friend is you! Happy birthday!:iconpinkiepartyplz:
:iconapplejackplz::iconsaysplz:Ah've brought an apple pie along for you, sugarcube!:iconapplepieplz:
:iconrarityplz::iconsaysplz:And I, speaking for all of us, wish you all the best in your life and all your endeavours!
:iconfluttershywinkplz::iconsaysplz:I hope that you'll have a wonderful time and that trouble will pass you by.
:iconcutedashsmileplz::iconsaysplz:And no matter what happens, remember that we'll always be your friends. Stay awesome!
:iconponyangelplz::iconsaysplz:May the magic of friendship and all it contains be ever with you.
:iconmlpspikeplz::iconsaysplz:And if you ever feel down, don't forget that that you're the hero of your life's story, and no-one else can be better at it than you!
:iconparty0plz::iconsaysplz:Now come on, you all, it's time to start the party for real!
ErraticRhapsody Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
Hey girl! I finally found your DA. It's Tata from Ai. Graduated 2012. Friends with Damita, gable, Scarlett, so many others.
Fyrecalla Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
Hey Tara! Of course I remember you ^^
MelCairoRose Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
Happy Birthday Fyrecalla! 8D
Fyrecalla Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
Thank you!~ 83
MelCairoRose Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
No problem~

have a fantastic day~
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