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This season is about becoming
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Bishounen - Colour


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Bishounen - Colour


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Sketch Warrior1

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Bishounen -linework

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The persistence of paint

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Colour pastel 6/8/2016


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Chris Evans

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Bishounen - Colour

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Fantastic banner


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The Phoenix

Once, she dreamt of gentle hands and deep ocean soulmate, promised dwelling of protective wings; clothing herself in sanctuary eyes wide with wonder and innocence. Yet, this half-tamed heart, wounded bird betrayed by one called home bled fire-red over cool bars of her nest, blazing a defiant path through pain and fearful shame. Now, she roosts on ashy grave, loving and hating this lonely life grown weary from flying yet unable to escape the shadows that stretch talons in her heart. How can one who has both flown from and burnt her nest hope to build another, to gather twigs like memories and soften them with down? Heart flutters in cage o


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