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Oil painting study of a nude. An emotional depiction of current frame of mind
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Oct 9, 2015, 12:35:02 PM
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It's so fragile, I love it.

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Simple, beautiful and very powerful!

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Ooh, this is really pretty ... and honestly relatable. I hope you feel better soon, being in that place sucks.

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Thank you. This painting was created a few years ago, so yes I do feel better now, thanx :)

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Oops xD Well I am happy you do. Keep up the beautiful work ❤
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Anatomy certainly shares a visual story and expresses an emotion that few words could best explain. The emotional state of Sorrow, is like how her body seems to cave in on herself, and portrays a sheltered state, creating an invisible bubble around her, from the outside world. With legs clutched in hands, and the mind leaning over the knees, that sense of being stopped from all activities, allows the clouds to surround us. The background reminded me of our high emotions can cloud our perspective, making it difficult to see past the pain. The covering of her hair is like an organic canopy sheltering her expression, though the rest of her body has already given away her state of mind. Overall a classic portrayal nicely well done. :)

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Thank you! You have a beautiful way with words. You describe the stuff I can only put pictures to. I hope you are pursuing writing as well... I know, adding more creative outlets to an already busy person is maybe not the thing I should do... but I really love the way you write :)

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Your very welcome. :)

Yes I have been actually working on a novel or...light novel? I'm not sure the exact term of what I've been working on. XD But it would have some illustrations between pages. XD I thought about doing blogging and honestly I forgot all about it, as I was caught up in so many other things. I may look into it again and consider doing it. I heard people make money from that which sounds pretty cool. :)

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If we can make money from doing what we love then we're living the dream, aren't we :)

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Yes that would certainly be living the dream. :)

After researching about blogging, I felt overwhelmed.

FyreBirdi's avatar

Indeed... the moment we start something new it is (normally) initially overwhelming, we have just begun to realise how much we don't know!

How do you eat an elephant (metaphorical)?

One bite at a time :)

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That's a great metaphor. Thanks for sharing that. XD

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...never seems to leave     Nice drawing  :)
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soft and cold, this expresses sorrow very well :0
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you're welcome!! :0
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I love how soft the painting is, I feel it captures the emotion well :)
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Very atmospheric.
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thanx, I just sold this one actually :)
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