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Floofy murder kitty

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After my really serious (and crappy) last year I'm realising that we sometimes need humor to survive. This is a new approach to digital illustration, and one I'm having a lot of fun with.
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SpiceCreamHobbyist Traditional Artist

Honestly I don't really like things like this (the art is gorgeous ofc, though, as is your whole gallery). My cat is extremely tolerant, isn't "demonic" or anything like that, and she is one of the only reasons I'm still alive. I get that it's supposed to be funny, but I guess I'm just sick of people describing cats as murderers or whatever when people had cat burning ceremonies in the 1600s and dogs are the ones who will literally try to eat you if you pass out drunk ... (I actually love dogs too though)

I'm not trying to be negative toward you, just wanted to get out my feelings on the topic. The art is super nice and I love the pose and anatomy. I'll go check out the rest of your gallery. I hope you can understand where I'm coming from ^^; Feel free to hide my comment if it bothers you.

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FyreBirdiProfessional Traditional Artist

Hi SpiceCream, I understand there is a lot of hate towards cats. That was not my intention with this artwork, I was just having a bit of a laugh about the reputation that cats have... it was never meant to be serious. I have 2 of my own fur-babies who are definitely not perfect, but are a big part of my life.

I won't hide your comment as it was NOT offensive or rude in any way, and everyone is entitled to their opinion... opinions don't bother me... its when people are rude that bothers me :)

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ArtistofElvesHobbyist Digital Artist

just like my cat with spiders