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FFVIIR Sephiroth portrait

Its always so scary to try something new. I want to create a fresh style, but am worried I'm not getting it right.... does this work? I'm attempting to combine a traditional & digital feel to my illustration as I come from both worlds. I still feel like such a noob with regards digital illustration so any feedback is welcome.
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I can't help you in how to paint because you seem to know how to use digital better than me, but as someone who sees from outside i can say to never let something in the work that doesn't seem to have a pattern, in your Reno digital paint you put black lines in every dark places, in your Tseng paint you dont do that and its fine because each painting has its own pattern, but in this one the lines make the collar fells detached from the painting, because it does not seem to have a pattern for them.

I hope i helped you. i like your paintings.

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Thank you for your feedback. While I agree with you in theory about consistency in style, I also need to experiment with all types of styles before I can settle into one.

I have actually updated this image now with minor tweaks to issues I was unhappy about. It is a constant battle between staying in the 'safe' area of conventional illustration and getting lost in the area of unconventional. By no means do I think I've got this right, but I'm prepared to keep trying until I do :D