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FFVIIR Sephiroth

The One winged angel
I finally finished my digital illustration, a real labor of love this one. With each character portrait I draw I do an intensive deep dive on their personalities in order to best capture their 'soul'. I must say I now both love and hate him. His movement is beautiful and scary af which is why I first wanted to depict an action pose... next one will a portrait. I cannot tell how many times I called him an asshat... but my goodness is he easy on the eyes!
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I know right, Square did such a great job with him :D

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Very impressive. I can honestly almost hear his theme song just from looking at this image. His action pose really does define his character, his graceful movement and his dark and cynical ways in which he is known for. Like a scary poet with a mind that is very cunning and methodic. He really is a memorable and iconic villain. Awesome work. :)

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Thank you! I was actually listening to his theme song while doing this illustration, you must have picked it up on the air waves!

I also love his grace and movement, kinda like a big, dangerous cat. What for me is scary is that he talks so calmly and reasonably about his psychopathic behaviour, almost makes us believe his actions are okay. The remake did a wonderful job of making him more appealing and I constantly feel torn between hating him and loving him. When he asks Cloud to join him "let us defy destiny together" I can totally understand why Cloud has an initial 'yeah, ok' response before jumping away and saying "never".

lol... I really hope I haven't spoiled anything of the remake for you :)

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Your very welcome. :)

Oh it's fine. I played the original version before and couldn't help but peek at several cut scenes on youtube. XD I would love to play the game when I get a chance to buy it. :)

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