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From this week's TV Guide:

March 2-3

Short Stuff

Saturday mornings are super again. Harkening back to the glory days the 1970s and '80s when kids got their weekends going with Super Friends and School House Rock, Cartoon Network is launching DC Nation, a programming block that showcases the heroes of the DC Comics library.  Anchoring the hour will be the CGI show Green Lantern: The Animated Series (10am/9c) and the continuation of the first season of Young Justice (10:30am/9:30c). Scattered Throughout the hour are animated shorts and interstitials with news and vignettes from around the DC universe.

Though some of the shorts feature big names like Superman and Batman, many will put the spotlight on "characters we've always wanted to see animated, but that might not be able to support a whole series," says Peter Giardi, senior vice president at Warner Bros. Animation, which is coordinating the block.  Among the second-tier characters featured are Black Lightening, Doctor Fate, the Doom Patrol and even Vibe, a short-lived Latino member of the Justice League in the '80s.

A humorous tone runs through all the shorts, including S.B.F.F. (short for Super Best Friends Forever), which stars Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Girl and "has plenty of action and fighting, but is really much more focused on comedy and laughs and how much fun it is to be a superhero," says producer Lauren Faust.  "It's like taking a teenage experience but putting a superhero spin on it, in one episode, Supergirl and Batgirl try to convince Wonder Girl to sneak out in Wonder Woman's invisible jet to go for a joyride."  Guess even supergirls just wanna have fun.  –Rich Sands

Each SBFF short runs just over a minute.  "it's like telling a visual joke," says producer, Lauren Faust.


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PinkyMcPink143's avatar
I'ge seen the shorts and LOVE them but how come there isn't. anymore???????????????????????????????
IamOliviathekittynow's avatar
i watched one of them :D its a cool show
MadmanRB's avatar
I dunno a lot of the comic fans are shooting this down as it doesnt shine a good light on these three characters.
And I can see why
ramivic's avatar
Congrats to you Ms. Faust!!! We just watched this SBFF short and it was funny!!!
chillbot9000's avatar
Woo short visual jokes make me smile ^.^ Brightens my day by just that little bit I need.
Lumialle's avatar
SBFF looks awesome. I love your designs for Batgirl and Supergirl!
Miss-Mae's avatar
I cannot WAIT to see that! :D
SodaVampire's avatar
This looks awesome.
LightDecorations's avatar
Why not just call it Gotham Girls? It looks so interesting and I watched the interviews... But it really does resemble the short-lived shows like Super Girl and Gotham Girls... But I still look forward to seeing it :)
Austin-Comix-Inc's avatar
I'm so looking forward to this!!! And I love your designs! I just KNOW I'm going to love this!:D
CSImadmax's avatar
also I hope to see Jimmy Olsen sometimes. that guy was fun as a carnival.
TheSuperGamingArtist's avatar
I'm looking forward to seeing it. :)

Indeed, Saturday Mornings will become more interesting once again. :D
Crossover-lover56's avatar
Well done Mrs Faust :)
Merry-Muse's avatar
Though my favorite has traditionally been Wonder Woman, I'm really digging Supergirl's character design the most. Yay for real curves on a female superhero! :D
Lewis-Jabberwocky's avatar
JoelDashReed's avatar
OMG, DONNA TROY?!!! Me WANT to watch that series. ;-;)/)
SpookstressPrincess's avatar
Finally, I've been waiting for Young Justice. The Super Girls look quite interesting as well :3
MoHarri's avatar
oh my god I can't wait for this so much I have been so excited since I first read about it.
Charlesk1974's avatar
Personally, I think that "DC Nation" could benefit from some of the old clips of Wonder Woman etc. teaching kids safety lessons, showing them how to do fun crafts and so on from the classic Super Friends (I'm STILL looking for Aquaman's "Always Swim With A Buddy" on YouTube)...possibly in a segment entitled "DC Nation Flashback" (complete with cheesy graphic effects).
Onelani's avatar
Looking forward to this!
DragonGem5's avatar
Are we going to have our canonically-proven lesbian Bat-girl?
EmeraldRyuSenshi's avatar
Can't wait to see your new cartoon. It'll be cool to see another girls cartoon on tv for a change. To make it better 3 superheroines I admired growing up :D
GreyOfPTA's avatar
You mean you're making Saturday morning worth getting up early for again? But I need my sleep! Oh shucks.
A-Sleepy-Dragon's avatar
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