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The pieces have both been sold, and won by Metacritter, and here is what he has to say about it and some FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES to bid on MORE ORIGINAL MLP ART, in case you didn't see it in the comments below:


A few details: Q POP has generously agreed to manage the online auction of the AJ Sketch, so there will be no delay while it is shipped to me and no question of where the donation is going.

A few more INCREDIBLY AWESOME details: Since Q POP will be running things, Lauren Faust has generously offered to donate TWO more sketches from the same batch of development art!

I'm gonna bust my piggy bank and bid on these. (Although I promise I'll leave AJ alone this time, so somebody else has a chance!)

I hope everybody digs deep so we can raise an amazing chunk of $ to help Japan.

There will be more details forthcoming. Q POP is super busy with the upcoming RL charity auction, and won't be able to get the online auction put together until that is over.

Thank you Chris, awesome Q POP guy!

Thank you Lauren, whose awesomeness needs no description here!!!!

Thank you Metacritter for being so generous and awesome!  Yes indeed, I'll be adding 2 more sketches to this new auction!  More details to come....

Clarification:  these are both original sketches, and there is only one of each.  Looks like a few people have already tried to purchase, so I guess we'll see who bought them first!!  Further updates as they come...

I noticed a few of you lamenting that you can't make the show because you don't live in LA.  These two pieces are available for purchase online right now!   RARITY and APPLEJACK


Sorry I've been MIA in the comments section lately----  I am planning a FAQ for everyone, but, you know, busy and what not.

In the meantime, my friends over at the new art gallery and store, Q POP, your "one stop destination for unique artist made goods, vinyl toys, rare records and japanese funky street fashion," are holding and art auction and fund raiser to raise proceeds to help the folks devastated by the recent earthquake in Japan.

The show will feature art from dozens of amazing artists, many of whom are my colleagues in the Los Angeles animation community.  The show and auction will take place Friday night (details here)

If you don't live in LA, you are in luck! Many pieces will be featured for purchase online before the show, including (later today) these two pieces from me:

Both of these sketches are early development artwork from 2008 and some of the earliest drawings I did of the MLP:FIM characters.

I'll post and update when the pieces go up on the site, but please take a look at the other amazing pieces, and if you live in LA, come by for the auction on Friday.  Let's send a little friendship to Japan!!!


Join the Solar Sisterhood!!

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angelwafflez's avatar
Dear Lauren Faust,

I'm kind've confused Lauren... How exactly do you pronouce your last name? I've heard two ways to pronounce it and I wanna know the right way. Is it Faust like Foster's or Faust like f-OW-st?

~Your Dedicated Fan,
Devyn Aceves XOXO
Fantasy-JG's avatar
i love applejack sooooo much but that picture of rarity is really cool
Capnchan's avatar
I would love to have one of these so so much. Plenty of awesome pony gals have been hard at work on the arena customizing for charity and it's wonderful to see so many people getting on board for this! Japan being my home country makes what you have done (willing to part with your original sketches can't be easy) to be even that more heartwarming, thanks again <3
Timid-Appleton's avatar
I hope japan gets all better more nature problems... I hope.
Sir-Pumpkinhead's avatar
Hi, I was directed to your account by Brianne's last journal. I wasn't aware that you were Laureen Faust from the MLPFIM show until I read your journal. Anyways, to keep this short, just wanted to tell you that you guys are doing a terrific job with the show. I'm almost 30 and male, and the fact that your show got my attention (was recomended by a friend and fell in love with the first episode I saw -Feeling Pinky Keen-) is impressive -to me at least-. I can only applaud you and hope you keep on working on many, many more episodes. Good luck and kudos!

Also, nice idea to get some donations for Japan :)
wickedpeep's avatar
MLP: FiM helped me through that first weekend of over 100 aftershocks and nuclear concerns. Thank you so much for your support and the love and magic this show has inspired.
RaptorCee's avatar
The times I REALLY hate living in the UK are ones like this.
Good luck on the auction and Im sure it will raise alot for the cuase
potatofarmgirl's avatar
I needs a sketch!!!
Teavian's avatar
This is awesome! I'm glad they will be donating, too!
BabyfaceBenny's avatar
Don't even bother bidding unless you can fork over at least $500, lol.
luxordrocks1995's avatar
god bless you japan best wishes to all the survivors,
my god what is this world coming to ?
no1wantsthisname's avatar
*gasp* They're beautiful sketches--AJ and Rarity didn't change, huh? ;-) I'm glad. Anyway, it's for such a good cause...nice going!!
BK1VGKid's avatar
Just started watching your show yesterday. I do live in LA(west side) but i got no money & no way i'd be able to stay so late an get home or buy anything. I WISH YA'LL LUCK THOUGH! I HOPE YOU RAISE ALOT OF MONEY! XD
achthenuts's avatar
How about reference sheet ?
Graycon's avatar
They are probably gone now but was there a link to click on and buy or bid on them?
Cosmeon's avatar
They looks seriously good for early sketches. Hope Japan recovers.
Fire-Z's avatar
Like I felt so sorry for Japan
Guilles's avatar
nnghh, the AppleJack one is not gone yet?
turbulosus's avatar
man, if I had money, I'd spend a looot of it for awesome stuff like this D:
E1itePolyg0n127's avatar
BrandyHarringtonLove's avatar
DANG! Good job metacritter!

I'm just letting everyone know, if Lauren auctions off a Rainbow Dash sketch, I call dibs!
QNAMAN's avatar
75$ for an original sketch? Is that true? It's so cheap.
thatg33kgirl's avatar
Congrats, and so wonderful! Everypony should donate to the relief of Japan!
Kilama's avatar
Aw, I checked earlier but they weren't up yet. Ended up missing them :(
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