*UPDATE* MLP auction for Japan finally up!!!
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Published: April 22, 2011

I'm a little late to the game on this one, but Twilight is now up for bidding!


Applejack up and ready for bidding!


Pegasus Pinkie Pie is now up!



What a pleasant surprise to wake up to!

QPop has at last started the auctions for the MLP:FiM original sketches, the first of which is for a background character fans have christened "Derpy Hooves" and in less than 24 hours, the bidding has already exceeded $1300!!!!!  All proceeds for the auctions will go to help relief efforts in Japan.


According to Chris at QPop, "the first one is already up and the remaining three will go up each evening at 9PM pacific time. All the auctions last 7 days."  So stay tuned for original development sketches of Applejack, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie (from a time when she was supposed to be a pegasus!)

Thank you again to QPop and especially to Metacritter for starting all of this and from what I understand, making special effort to make sure that this auction is finally underway.

For more information, see original post here.  Happy bidding!


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AmyRose459Student Artist
derpy is one of my fave ponies but pinkie is my first we are alike in many ways LOL!
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HatOfTheGodsStudent General Artist
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AmyRose459Student Artist
NOPE *falls*
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lizzyliz1Student General Artist
mom: see kids she does draw derpy.
me: YAY
brother: but not in shows
me: YEAH SHE DOES i counted how many derpy i saw in a episode and sences (how ever u spell it)
brother: oh.
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My moms favorite character is Derpy Hooves! I love the ponies, also i can see you have a specific drawing style with eyes i think its adorable :3
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Twilight, dat flank
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Why can't I fave this journal?!? D;
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Ohmygosh. Derpy. YES.
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hey where is Fluttershy
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Derpy Hooves: 2,150
Winged Pinkamina Diane Pie: 4,075
Applejack: 3,050
Twilight Sparkle: 5,600


Congratulations Lauren Faust, Metacritter, everyone who bid and the Entire Production staff of MLP:FiM. You're heroes in my book.
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Twi ended up going for $6,200 :D
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Twilight's auction just hit $5,400.
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I was the one bidding against the fellow who is currently highest bidder on Twilight. 5300 was as high as I could go, so if you read this - I have to admit defeat. But it was all for a good cause and at least I won Derpy. ^^
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Ah, so it was you I was bidding against.:) Thanks for helping drive up the price! I've been hoping to give some money to such a noble cause. Twilight has also been my favorite character since the beginning as I relate to her since I work in a research lab studying Alzheimers Disease and have a mentor I report to weekly on the progress I've been making, heh. I have a feeling I'll be outbid though as I heard someone has enough money for an $8k bid and while I can probably match it I don't think I can live with bankrupting myself.

Anyhow, good show to everyone who bid! I'll be a little disappointed to not win Twi, but at least Japan gets more money out of it!
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Excellent form, friend. I hope you will win Twilight! But you're right, it's important that Japan gets some extra charity. I have a very dear friend living in Japan and life sure isn't the easiest there right now. =)
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Thanks for the encouragement! I hope I win her too, but if anything I can raise the bidding price by a bit. If somehow I do get her I would definitely take her to my office at the lab where I think she would fit right in. The place needs some cheerfulness considering what we work with all day.:)

Also, thanks for bidding on and winning Derpy! I'm sure she will have a nice home where there will be plenty of muffins.
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I'm currently right behind you at 5500. You wouldn't mind telling me what your max bid is so I can call someone real fast to find out if I can top your bid would you? I don't want to raise the price you are going to pay if I can't win Twilight in the end. It doesn't seam fair to do that.
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Ack, sorry I didn't get back to you in time evad. I was so focused on the eBay page that I didn't check DA.:(
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Don't worry about it. Congrats!
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Thanks! And I appreciate the bidding you did. We all helped raise a lot of money for Japan.:)
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Twilight's now at $4,550... 500 more than Pinkie :O

Absolutely amazed... in the best way possible.
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WOOOOOOOHOOO!!!! :iconalpha-leader:
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$5,400 noooowww!!! :faint:
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She is the final boss lol
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