Them's Fightin's Herds - Tianhuo: Enter the Longma

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By fyre-flye
It took a while, but here is the final chapter of Them's Fightin' Herds Volume 1. 

We're all busy getting thing officially up and running to finish the game.  Now that many members of the team are on the game full time, there are plans for frequent updates.  So if you're interested, please follow Mane6 at, or Mane6's Facebook and Tumblr pages.

More to come.... eventually. ;) Enjoy!

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Illustrations by Omari Smith
© 2015 - 2021 fyre-flye
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German Shepherd as a new champion to figh for the Key. German Shepherds are best dogs. Pom needs one :)
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Um, is it a monarchy or an empire? I'm pretty sure those are distinctly different. (paragraph 1)
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Man, Longma never get any representation. This is awesome.
Making parts of their anatomy made of fire is particularly interesting, kind of even more similar to kirin than the already existing comparisons. I digs it.
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Wasn't he once called chantai?
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Oh amazing , fabulous 
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The forums were launched today. ^_^ Another step to remind us that exciting things are happening. Congratulations again!
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True, but apparently even though non-backers can sign up, they can't make posts or topics in any of the forums, including non-TFH stuff, for some reason. Not sure as to why.
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When is this coming out? I really want to play it.
Ideas I came up with for additional Them's Fightin' Herds Playable Characters ->

Layout: the species of the character, a possible story & description of the character, the character's gameplay & possible moves(I'll keep referring to these characters as "IT" just so that the idea of the character's species is not limited by genders in case the character & it's story might need to be changed later on, anyways).
a Kelpie: many mythological stories around the world have stories of "Aquatic Equines", in Scottish mythology they have 1 called the "Kelpie", a horse like creature that can survive on land & underwater, for Them's Fightin' Herds Kelpies can be depict as 4 legged hoofed ungulates with fish scales instead of fur, have fin-like fetlocks, fish fins for their manes, gills on their necks(though they would have lungs too), have fish-like black shiny eyes, and have fish-tails that resemble dolphin tails, making them look kind of like a cross between a Horse & the Poke'mon known as "Vaporion", and they would possess Hydrokinetic powers that allow them to psychically control water in various ways, they would live in an underwater city similar to Atlantis where they co-exist peacefully with fish & aquatic animals, and would live on a diet of kelp(being Kelp-ies and all), and when word gets out that the predators are coming back(like sharks, piranhas, barracudas, etc.), the Kelpies need to find a champion to handle the situation, and 1 little kelpie foal suggests that the champion be her hero, a singer/performer known as Aquatura(derived from Aqua = Spanish for water & Coloratura = an Italian musical term that has to do with opera), she has great dancing skills giving her great agility, and she her hydrokinesis is more well developed than any other kelpie, which she uses in her performance = using water currents to manipulate her stage props & do fancy tricks, the kelpie foal believes that Aquatura is perfect for taking on the predators, but Aquatura herself believes that she's just a performer/singer & she doesn't have what they need for a champion, but soon the kelpie foal manages to get Aquatura's fans to believe that Aquatura can do it, they then start begging her to do it, and soon enough Aquatura decides that she needs to give her fans what they want, so she volunteers to become the champion of the Kelpie nation, the Kelpie's gameplay involves using basic hoof-to-hoof combat, it can also use it's big fish tail to give it's opponents a good whacking, but mainly uses it's hydrokinesis to summon water out of nowhere & use it as a weapon, like shoot streams of water at an opponent, make geysers spout out of the ground to attack or for high jumps, form tidal waves & surf them to attack or move forwards faster, form water-constructs to clobber opponents, even sing a high-note & unleash a tsunami for a super move.


a Donkey: the Donkey nation of Foenum could be similar to Mexico, there the Donkeys don't just live on grass, they also grow & harvest Various Beans & Hot Peppers, for the Donkey's of Foenum eating Beans would provide them with protein to boost their physical strength & the spiciness of Hot Peppers would fill them with pep & energy, but the more nutritious the beans & the hotter the peppers the more expensive they were, and the story would focus on 1 young little jenny(meaning female donkey) who is the only child of a pair of rich snooty parents who own the largest Bean & Pepper Plantations in the Donkey Nation, specifically Black Beans & Ghost Peppers(the most nutritious beans & the hottest peppers in the entire Donkey Nation) and this family here lives on a diet of only the best beans & peppers money can buy, however the young jenny doesn't really like living a boring upper-class life of luxury & privileged, what she's really into is Lucha(the Mexican style of Wrestling), she's loves Lucha so much she's learned all about it & studied the moves of all the most famous Luchadors, however the young jenny's parents don't approve of her love of Lucha because they think it's uncouth, revolting & beneath a donkey of high society like her, but when word that the predators are coming back reaches the Donkey Nation, their leaders hold a Lucha-libre free-for-all tournament to decide who will be the champion for the Donkey Nation, and when the young jenny hears of this, she decides to make her own luchador costume & mask, then sneaks out with out her parents finding out, then she enters the tournament going under the Luchador name of "Giganteca"(pronounced He-Gone-Tay-Ka, derived from Gigante, the Spanish word for Gigantic), which is ironic since she's small compared to most Donkey Luchadors, but despite her diminutive size her diet of really nutritious beans & very spicy peppers has made her very strong & have high levels of energy & stamina, plus she has extensive knowledge of various wrestling moves, so she has managed to tear through the rounds and eventually won the whole tournament, so Giganteca became the champion for the Donkey Nation, the donkey's gameplay will have the basic hoof-to-hoof combat, but will mainly consist of a variety of tricked out wrestling moves, and the donkey could even curl up like a ball & spin forwards in a way similar to Sonic the Hedgehog's "Spin-Dash" attack for a super move.


a Camel: since Camels are mostly native to Middle Eastern Countries & Upper African Countries like Egypt, a fair idea for a camel would be to have a female camel who is an Archaeologist/Egyptologist-like Scientist-Adventurer, but since Camels & Alpacas are both part of the Camelidae Family to differ the Camel from Paprika, the Camel would be depict with short fur, a hump on her back & larger hooves, anyways the Camel Archaeologist would be on an expedition exploring the inside of an ancient Egyptian-like Pyramid that's thousands of years old, when suddenly the Camel accidentally activates a trap door then falls into a hidden chamber & the door that she fell through is sealed shut, where she encounters a living Mummy, depict as a Mummified Male Oryx, a species of big horned Antelope, but when this Oryx was mummified his horns were sawed off leaving him with just 2 short stubs on his head(this will prevent it from being confused for a Unicorn or something else), and he's wrapped from head to hoof in bandages, when the Camel first sees the Mummy she is frozen with fear at the sight of a walking dead being, but for comedic purposes it turns out that the Mummy is a little "Overly Friendly" & very "Enthusiastic", with a personality similar to that of MLP:FiM's Sea Serpent "Steven Magnet", the Mummy greets the Camel and is just really excited to have company since he's been stuck in that pyramid for like 6000 years with no one to talk to but bugs & rodents, the Camel then realizes that this Mummy was once the Pharaoh of this Egyptian-style land millennia ago back when the Prophet originally banished the Predators, the Mummy shows the Camel lots of hospitality to try and win over her friendship, the Camel is flattered but wishes to exit the chamber & leave the pyramid, the Mummy informs the Camel there is no way out, the Camel is worried that she'll be trapped in the pyramid forever, but the Mummy does say that there may be 1 way out, but the Mummy makes the Camel promise that if he helps her out, then she'll have to be his friend forever, the Camel having no other choice but to agree with the Mummy promises to be his friend forever, the Mummy then opens a dusty old chest & pulls out a strange looking magic fruit that has been preserved for thousands of years, the Mummy then explains to the Camel that if she eats this fruit she will be granted a great power for all eternity, a power that will allow them both to leave the chamber, the Mummy says that he would have eaten it himself but his digestive system isn't what it used to be, the Camel then eats the fruit & is disgusted by it's horrible taste, but then she gets a strange explainable feeling, then she wonders what happened, then she discovers that fruit had given her the Psychic ability to summon, control & manipulate all forms of Sand, the Mummy then tells the Camel how she can use this power to get them out of the chamber, the Camel then summons a ton of sand & smashes right through the trapdoor hatch on the ceiling, then the 2 stand beneath the hole in the ceiling, and the camel uses the sand to form a pillar-like elevator & raises them up & out of the chamber, the 2 then exit the pyramid and the Mummy is so happy to see the sun & feel fresh air again, then suddenly a swallow flies to greet the Mummy, and the Mummy able to understand the language of the bird hears it delivering news of the return of the predators, the Mummy having already witnessed the Predators' wrath once knows that they can not be allowed to return, the Mummy then informs the Camel about the situation & tells her that the Prophet's Enchanted Key must be found to ensure that the predators remain sealed away, the Camel's gameplay will have the basic hoof-to-hoof combat, it can also use the hump on it's back to hit opponents with, but will mainly revolve around it's ability to summon & control sand, in ways such as forming objects out of sand to throw at opponents, or making quicksand traps to immobilize opponents who step in them, or use sand to make pillars to jump higher or just to hit opponents from underneath, or ride on flying sand platforms to move faster, or form giant spheres of sand that roll out & flatten opponents or even capture them leaving them trapped in the sphere & open for attacks, and even create Sand-Storms to bury opponents in sand leaving them trapped & take on damage for a super move, And the Mummy Oryx could also be playable if desired, the Mummy's Gameplay would also consist of basic hoof-to-hoof combat, but the Mummy could also use it's bandages as tentacles to allow it to move around faster, improve it's jumping abilities, whip opponents from a distance with, wrap around opponents to grab & throw them, and can use cursed objects to set as traps that explode & cause opponents to take damage or release an aura that induces fear on opponents so they'll be petrified with fear & open for attacks, even be able to control certain creatures like locusts so it can send out swarms of locusts to attack opponents for a super move.


a Warthog: well real world pigs are known to have a stronger sense of smell than dogs, many pigs are even trained to hunt for truffles & some are used for hunting instead of dogs, which gave me the idea to have a male warthog character who is a bounty hunter for hire, like he was once just an Average Joe of a warthog, but had a tragic event happen to him in his past, that lead to him becoming a bounty hunter who hunts down criminals & trouble makers, catches them & brings them to justice to ensure that they get their comeuppance, his personality would similar to Marvel Comic's "The Punisher and/or Wolverine", and with his keen sense of smell he can easily sniff out the bad guys no matter where they go, and since Foenum is clearly is a world without Guns, he would have to use more primitive forms of weapons, such as bolas, trapping nets, boomerangs, etc., most times he'll do it for the right price, but some times he'll do it for free just because it's the right thing to do, but when he over hears word of the predators returning to Foenum, he believes that not only will it put countless innocent lives in danger, but it would also mean that he would lose many potential clients & lose chances to make money, so he goes off to find a way to stop the predators from coming back, the warthog's gameplay will consist of basic hoof-to-hoof combat, and it can use it's warthog tusks to clobber opponents with, but will also revolve around it's bounty hunter weapons, like using it's bolas to grab opponents & yank them in for close range attacks, or throw a net over it's opponent to trap them in place leaving them open for an attack, or throw boomerangs at it's opponents, and because the boomerangs always return to the warthog, the boomerangs have the potential to give a double-hit combo attack to opponents, and for a super move the warthog could bring out a giant sized boomerang so big that when the warthog throws it overhead using both it's front legs, the giant boomerang takes up most of the screen & is practically guaranteed to deliver a very damaging double-hit combo.


a Giraffe: if all technology in the world of Foenum hasn't gotten past fire & reach the point of electric powered machines yet, then more than likely the most advanced Foenum's technology has gotten is STEAM powered machines, like the fiery furnace boiling water to create steam to power machines like 19th century steam powered cars, or old fashioned loco-motives, or steam driven boats, or anything in the Steampunk Genre, which gave me the idea that somewhere in the world of Foenum there could be a whole city close to a pleathera of Underground Steam Vents, allowing the city to be full of steam powered machines to aid in the citizens day to day lives, and everyone in the city would wear Steampunk style clothing, and in this city would be an inventor with a steam powered hoofed cyborg leg, this inventor has made many marvelous steam powered & clockwork style machines in his time, but the one thing he's always desired was a son to call his own, so he decided to invent a steam powered robot to be the son he never had, this inventor would also use special/unique minerals with mystical properties to make his robot son more life-like, he would place in the robot's head a special mineral said to boost intelligence so that the robot would have a brain, and place in it's chest a special mineral said to enhance the feeling of emotions so that the robot would have a heart, and in it's torso place a stone that endlessly produces heat & another stone that endlessly manifests water, that way the robot would have an endless supply of steam to power it so that it will feel more like it's alive, think of this robot as like a steam driven "Pinocchio", but when the inventor hears news of the Predators returning and the need for a new champion, he decides to make some modifications to his robot so that not only will it be his son, but also the champion the Steam-Powered city will need to handle the Predators, giving the robot new combat capabilities & weapons, when the robot is fully finished, fully functional, and completely sentient with a personality like a real ungulate, the inventor gives the robot the mission of stopping the Predator threat, then the robot goes off to complete his mission & make his "Father" proud, this robot is depict as a Giraffe with a short neck & short legs making it no taller than a horse, but because it's a robot it will have an extendable neck & legs to allow it to reach the towering heights of the tallest of giraffes, plus it'll probably make it easier for the MANE6 crew to use for a giraffe character, so the robot's gameplay will consist of basic hoof-to-hoof combat, but will mostly revolve around the abilities that come with being a steam powered robot, like using it's extendable legs to dodge opponents attacks or hit them from a distance, or extend it's neck out to hit opponents then use 2 small smokestack-like horns on it's head to blast the opponent with a burst of steam to give them a double whammy, or use steam powered thrusters in it's hooves to allow the robot to glide above the ground & get a boost of speed, or use the thrusters to fly in the air like a rocket, or just use the thrusters to just blast opponents with bursts of steam, or spin it's body around like a tornado(without spinning it's head as well since it's a robot & can do something like that) to deliver a multi-hit combo attack, or simply blow streams of steam from it's mouth to hit opponents with while mimicking the sounds of a train whistle, and for a super move the robot could have a bunch of things pop out from it's front leg, starting with a mirror popping up at the shoulder, a small rock that emits a unique form of energy popping up in front of the mirror, a prism in front of the small rock, and a bunch of magnifying glasses popping up from in front of the prism going down to the robot's hoof, the mirror reflects the rock's energy through the prism, then the prism focuses the rock's energy into a tiny laser beam, then the magnifying glasses magnify the laser several times fold, resulting in the robot firing a powerful laser beam that can cause opponent's to take lots of damage, because robots with laser cannons are awesome, but that's the only reasonable way I can see how MANE6 can put a giraffe character in the game, by making it a robot with an extendable/retractable neck & legs.


a Zebra: well the best I could think of for a zebra in Them's Fightin' Herds would be an African style Shaman(or more specifically something like a "Sangoma") similar to MLP:FiM's Zecora, but I wanted to think of something that differs from Zecora, so I thought that in an African Native style village would like a tribe of Zebras, and in this village would live an elderly zebra mare who is a Master Shaman, the Master is also training a young zebra mare to be her Apprentice, but the Apprentice doesn't really take her Sangoma Studies all too seriously & is more obsessed with her hobby of playing the Drums(interestingly enough the word "Sangoma" can also literally mean "person of the drum" or "the drumming one", so playing the drums actually is important in the works of a Sangoma), and the Apprentice loves to play Rock Music on her drums instead of her herds' traditional music, which she still knows by heart but prefers Rock Music, much to the Master's dismay, the Master just wishes that her Apprentice would take her Shamanism Studies more seriously, but the Apprentice is still young & has a Tomboy-ish, Rock-n'-Roll-Bad-Girl kind of personality so she just deals with it like a Stubborn, Snarky, Sarcastic Youth would, but when the Zebras receive word of the Predators returning, the Master prepares to handle the situation, but the Master sustains an injury before she could take care of it, this leaves only the Apprentice to deal with the Predators, but the Apprentice is not confident that she can do this, still the Master tells her Apprentice that she can, she just needs to believe in herself, be serious, and use the things she learned from her Shamanism studies, and know that her Master believes in her, so the Apprentice leaves the village to handle the Predator situation, but then it is revealed that the Master was faking her injury all along, this was all so that the Master could give her Apprentice a test, to see just how far she has come in her studies so far, and see if she truly is ready to take her training to the next level, the Apprentice bares a resemblance to MLP:FiM's Zecora, but has a spiky-er Mohawk, and nose piercings as well as ear piercings, and has thick stripes under her eyes that make it look like she's wearing heavy amounts of eye-shadow, and a more realistic looking zebra tail that looks like a short black & white striped lion's tail with short fur on the tip, the zebra's gameplay will consist of basic hoof-to-hoof combat, but will also consist of a variety of other kinds of abilities, like taking it's drum sticks & throwing them at opponents like rungus(throwing baton-like weapons), or tossing seeds on the ground that will magically sprout up & trap opponents in vines, and Shaman are said to be able to enter supernatural realms or other dimensions, so the zebra could have a technique where it lunges forward, enters through a tear in Space right in front of it, and exits out through another tear right behind it's opponent, allowing the zebra to deliver an attack from the rear, the zebra could also twirl it's drum sticks in it's hooves, making them start letting off a glow, then tap the sticks together directly above it's head, then the sticks would shoot electricity into the sky, and then a bolt of lightning would come down from the sky & strike the zebra's opponent no matter where on the screen they were, and for a super move the zebra could bring out her drums & start drumming them so hard & loud that they end up making an earthquake that deals lots of damage to the opponent.


a Twonicorn: OK First of all, No I don't mean a "Bicorn", because in Europen Mythology a Bicorn is supposed to be an Evil Flesh Eating Monster that is Part-Cow & Part-Panther with a Human-like Face, the fact that it's part cow, and that cows have 2 horns is why this creature is called a "Bicorn", what I'm referring to is the Good equine-like creature with 2 unicorn horns, but still a Bicorn does sound like it would be a good idea for a Predator, anyways, to differentiate the design between Unicorn & Twonicorn, the Twonicorn could look more like a horse, but just so that it's not too much like an MLP:FiM design, it would have bare hooves that are differently colored from it's fur, with no fetlocks, and it's mussel would be plumper & more spherical similar to that of the Poke'mon known as "Keldeo", and it would have 2 long straight horns that instead of having spiral patterns in them, would have straight ridged patterns in them similar to churros, making it look as if the twonicorn had 2 big, long, pointy churros on it's forehead, and the 2 horns would be lined up with 1 in front of the other instead of side by side/left to right, that would help avoid confusing it with some other kind of horned creature, anyhow, I believe that Twonicorns are a lot more powerful at Magic than Unicorns, and are pretty much the only species of Magic wielding equines whose power surpasses even that of Alicorns, like Unicorns on average can wield a few types of Magic & use only a certain number of spells, where as Alicorns can wield more types of Magic & use even more spells, but Twonicorns can wield ALL types of Magic & use Every Spell there is, and in the case of Them's Fightin' Herds, it could be that Long, Long Ago the Twonicorns were the 1st race on Foenum to ever wield Magic, and thus were the most powerful of all the magic weilders on Foenum, they were powerful enough to make entire Mountains sprout up from the ground like daisies, make huge holes in the ground, levitate Water from the Ocean, magically filter the Salt from the water turning it into drinkable Fresh Water, then fill the holes with the water to create Fresh Water Lakes, manipulate Molecules to form seeds out of nothing, then plant the seeds in the ground, and instantly make full grown trees grow to form entire forests/jungles, magically break hard rock into soft dust, then create rain-clouds to moisten the rock dust into fertile soil, and spread acres of grass seeds to grow vast fields of grass to provide food for grass eaters, the Twonicorns pretty much could have been the beings who sculpted Foenum into what it has become today, but as time moved on & the population of Foenum's many races kept growing & spreading societies & cultures across the lands, the Twonicorns became afraid that they could seriously hurt those less powerful than them, so with few options the Twonicorns decided that it would be best for them to leave Foenum, so they took everything they had & traveled through space to land on Foenum's Moon, where they began using their ultra powerful magic to colonize it, they manipulated the molecules in the Moon's surface to create a fully breathable atmosphere over a small portion of the Moon, resulting in forming a blue spot on the Moon, they then began forming water & create furtile soil to grow their own food, and built a city for them to live in, ever since then for millennia the twonicorns have sworn an oath of non-interference & been observing Foenum, collecting information about everything that has ever happened on Foenum, keeping track of Foenum's history & all inhabitants of Foenum, and whatever information they gather about their observations, they telepathically transmit the information to a mystical data storage unit known as the "Vault of Collective Knowledge", containing everything ever known to the twonicorns, and though there have been many times the twonicorns could have done something about events happening on Foenum, their oath of non-interference has allowed them to only observe & never intervene(thus making them similar to both Marvel Comics' "The Watcher" & "The Inhumans") , but the story would be focused on 1 young twonicorn mare named Selena(the Greek word for Moon & an early concept name for MLP:FiM's Princess Luna), Selena is very fascinated by Foenum & it's many ungulate inhabitants, and she believes that all of Foenum's inhabitants can live in peace with one another if they just give it a chance, but when she learns that the Predators will be returning to threaten the inhabitants of Foenum, and thinks that having the inhabitants of Foenum fighting each other to decide who gets to stop the Predators is wrong, she believes that the Twonicorns should do something to help the inhabitants of Foenum, but the twonicorns are under a sworn oath of non-interference so that refuse to do anything but observe & collect information about the event, unable to accept the ancient ways of her kind, Selena decides it's time to change all of that, so Selena decides to break the sworn oath of non-interference & handle this situation herself, so Selena rockets through space & lands on Foenum like a meteorite, Selena then tries to get the other beings of Foenum to understand her ideals of peace & cooperation, unfortunately because she came to Foenum from the Moon, everyone on Foenum believes she's some kind of alien life-form from space, so they don't trust her & even run away from her or pick a fight with her, now Selena may be a pacifist, but even pacifists need to when it's time to stand their ground, and since everyone is giving her very little choice, Selena must also fight even if it's just to knock some sense into her opponents, but despite the fact that she is so powerful, she is constantly trying to hold back her full power so that no one gets permanently injured, and besides it gives her opponents a better chance at beating her so that she's not so much a "Game Breaker", the twonicorn's gameplay will feature the basic hoof-to-hoof combat, but will mainly revolve around energy manipulation, like the twonicorn can create energy constructs similar to those of DC Comics' "Green Lantern", it will form energy constructs of things like hammers & maces to clobber opponents with, shoot energy bolts & laser beams to attack from a distances, form constructs of giant bird cages to trap opponents, levitate itself to jump higher, or float above ground to move around faster, or float in the air to have aerial combat moves, and for a super move the twonicorn would float up, hold it's front legs above it's head, and form a giant energy sphere in a Dragon Ball Z "Super Saiyan" Style, then slam the giant energy sphere on the ground taking up most of the screen in front of the twonicorn, if the opponent is hit by the sphere it will take massive amounts of damage, and the closer to the center of the sphere the opponent is, the more damage it will take, the only way to avoid such a powerful attack would be to try and slide under the twonicorn & get behind it to avoid the attack before it's unleashed, but I really wanted the twonicorn to have a more unique capability to show off it's power, so I figured that the twonicorn could be this game's character that can copy the attributes of all the other characters in the game, because lots of fighting games have a character that can copy things about any of the other characters in their games(like "Shang Tsung" from "Mortal Kombat", or "Kirby" from "Super Smash Bros." or "Double" from "SkullGirls"), the way this works is that the twonicorn would use it's telepathic link to the Vault of Collective Knowledge to learn all about each of the other characters in the game, which would manifest itself as a comic book style word balloon coming out of the twonicorn's upper horn, and within the balloon would be an outlined silhouette of the character the twonicorn is wanting to copy, then the balloon would return within the twonicorn's upper horn & a small icon of that very character would appear below the twonicorn's health bar, then the twonicorn would know how to do what that specific character can do, the twonicorn would be able to use the exact same move set as said character, and could use it's twonicorn magic to replicate the exact same magic as any of the magic wielding characters, and use it's energy constructs to replicate the weapons & things of the characters that use them, like the Twonicorn could copy any character's entire Moveset, copy any character's Super Moves, use an energy construct of Arizona's lasso, use it's Twonicorn Magic to replicate Velvet's Ice Magic, use an energy construct of Oleander's book & use it's Twonicorn Magic to replicate Oleander's Dark Magic, use energy constructs of Paprika's fleece as well as a replication of Paprika's long neck based moves, use energy constructs of Pom's puppies to mimic Pom's fighting tactics, use it's Twonicorn Magic to replicate Tianhuo's Fire Magic & even Tianhuo's fire-wings, etc., but to prevent this from becoming too much of a "GameBreaker", due to the fact that the Twonicorn is still young, it's true power isn't fully developed yet, so when the Twonicorn uses it's Copy ability, when it's using the attributes of another character, it can't use it's own attributes again until it stops copying other character's attributes, and it can not mix the attributes of multiple characters, it can only copy all of the attributes of only 1 character at a time, meaning that when it copies the attributes of 1 character, it can only use the attributes of that 1 character until it switches to copying a different character's attributes, therefore when the Twonicorn copies another character, it's stuck using only that 1 specific character's Moveset, Fighting Style, Magic, Weapons, and Super Moves, which can give the Twonicorn another character's strengths & weaknesses, but still with the use of this Copy Ability going up against the Twonicorn would be like going up against all of the Game's characters in just 1 single character, which would show off the fact that the Twonicorn would be the most powerful playable ungulate in the game, but not too powerful that it's completely unbeatable or anything.
Now with the inclusion of additional playable characters, it might be necessary to alter the game's main story, like make it so that all of the characters each have their own story with it's own unique ending, but each of their story endings would ultimately be non-canonical with the ending of the main story line, but the game can simply be re-released as a "Deluxe Edition", similar to how SkullGirls has it's "Encore" edition, so if these additional characters(especially the Twonicorns) are by some miracle are brought into the game, here's an idea of how the Main Story can end:

After completing every character's story arc, where each of them has apparently defeated the Devourer, a hidden final story arc will be revealed, and in this final story arc we will see all of the game's playable characters gathered together, all of them are wondering who will get to keep the key, but just then in a plot twist the Devourer returns, and is ready to show our heroes it's true power, the Devourer then uses it's power summon forth the power of all of the other Predators, then Devourer then absorbs their power & grows into a Towering Giant Dragon-like Monster about 100 feet tall, brimming with God-like Power becoming a Giga-Devourer, and with 1 mighty swipe of it's front leg, our heroes are all knocked aside, all of them wounded & weakened, the Giga-Devourer then brings dark clouds to darken the sky, and says that the Age of the Grass Eaters is at an end, and that the Age of the Predators shall reign supreme, but all is not lost yet, for with it appearing that the world is about to end, all of the herds begin preying to their champions & chanting/cheering their names, and our heroes are all able to hear out the thoughts, prayers & beliefs from their herds by listening with their hearts, which fill them all with encouragement, making them all determined to not give up, they all came this far & their not ready to throw in the towel just yet, but they still wonder how they can stop the Giga-Devourer, and Selena the Twonicorn tells them not to fret, for this whole time she's been holding back, and shows them what she can really do, Selena then blasts out a beam of energy from her horns, straight up to the other Twonicorns on the Moon, they all receive the energy beam as a message being sent telepathically, motivated by Selena's courage & determination of her ideals of peace & prosperity between herds, the Twonicorns all work in unison to absorb the prayers & beliefs from all of the herds on Foenum, then convert those into power, and then blast it all in 1 massive beam towards our heroes back on Foenum, when the Beam hits our heroes they are not only instantly healed, but they all receive so much of a power boost, that they all grow to towering giant size, each of them reaching relatively half the size of the Giga-Devourer, just large enough for them all to have 1 last fight to determine the fate of Foenum, so our heroes all charge in to take on the Devourer in a Winner Take All Battle for Foenum.

Then the players must fight in a Final Boss Battle, this fight takes place in what would appear to be a shrunken battle field, but in actuality the characters are all Giga-Sized, the Giga-Devourer is big & brimming with a Dark Aura, while all of our Heroes are covered in a brightly colored glowing Aura, the gameplay is basically the same as any other fight, but this time the player is able to switch between any of the characters in the game, you can basically play as all of the characters, but you still need to pick only 1 of them at a time, and if 1 of your characters is low on health you can just switch to a different character, or if 1 of your characters is K.O.'ed you'll automatically be switched to a different character, but even if a your characters get K.O.'ed you'd only need to use a few of your characters to beat this fight anyways(like maybe 3 or 4 tops), or if your good enough you could still beat this fight using just 1 character the whole time, the fight will go on until the player simply defeats the Giga-Devourer, then you beat the whole game & the True Main Ending will start playing.

The True Main Ending would show the defeat of the Devourer, then it & all of the Predators would be sucked back into the Hold & the Prophet's Key would magically lock them back away for another couple thousand years, and all of our heroes would revert back to their normal size, and the dark clouds above would clear up, our heroes are all happy that they save the world from a great catastrophe, meanwhile on the moon, the Twonicorns all moved by Selena's actions decide that maybe it is time for a change in their traditional ways, so using their magic the Twonicorns teleport their entire city off of the Moon, and warp it back to Foenum, only now their entire city has been rearranged around the Portal leading from Foenum to the Limbo Lobby, so the Twonicorns have decided to become the new Key Keepers, with their extremely powerful magic, even if the Predators return thousands of years from now, the Twonicorns would be more than a match for then, and with that settled this would bring in the dawning of a new age of peace, not only for the Grass Eaters to not fear the Predators, but all of the Herds of Foenum are now working together as friends to help each other build a better future for all of Foenum, and our heroes have all formed a strong bond of friendship with one another, and not only have each of them returned to their homes as heroes, but they also meet up with each other every now & again, to hang out & do things that friends would do together, but when some sort of trouble comes along, these ungulates leap into action to kick some tail, after all this game isn't called "Them's Fightin' Herds" for nothing, THE END.
At least that's my ideas for additional Them Fightin' Herds characters that could be included in a Deluxe Edition of the Game, and I'm so very sorry about how really long this whole thing is, so anyways what do you think?
GraphiteTailGrace's avatar
You like Longmas too? I love them!
WootMooo's avatar
Omari sure knows how to make Illustrations!

Oh and I like how it works! A very beautiful ending for the vol 1! ^^
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Now, how would something like that fit into Evolution? My guess would be a an adavanced non-mammalian Synapsid.
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Welp, know who's gonna be my main in this game.  Though the unicorn is probably a close second.
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Possible Quotes:

"It is my great defeat you!"

"For Huoshan! FOR FOENUM!!"

"Honored Mother, Honored Father...grant me strength!"
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I like the yin yang going on with the dragon and horse spirit, it's awesome!
GashibokA's avatar
wow. I have my mind to help with my comic skill.
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That's so cool.
Really liked a couple things in particular about this. First the dualism of spirit that the Longma have, a very interesting concept considering the blend of Herbivore and Predator instincts they must have! And second, the fact that you had her start off as a butt-head. I actually hope this side of her is something that she has to fight with from time to time in the present, because flawed characters are just more relatable!
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I really love it when you make the mundane sounding things awesome

Huoshan's basically just mean volcano
It's interesting how, out of the main six characters, she seems to be the only one who's going with the purpose of actually getting the key and protecting the world. (Well, I guess Arizona is too, but it's been a while.) No accidental appointments or stumbling into things. And this society is perhaps the most interesting of all. :D Glad to finally get to know her!
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I've been hearing a lot about this "Them's Fightin Herd's". can't wait for the game!
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