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Here is the latest Them's Fightin' Herds chapter, featuring the backstory of Pom the lamb.

Sorry these are taking so long. Doing my best to squeeze them in when I can. Next up is Tianhuo. 

More info on the Them's Fightin' Herds game, check out the official site,

BTW - title pun is not mine. ;) You can thank Mane6 team member Anu for this one. Hope you enjoy!

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Illustrations by Omari Smith
© 2015 - 2021 fyre-flye
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oh and here's that link I promised… by the the lovely perfectly vindictive whose voice is made of clouds and dreams
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This one is my favorite.
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I read the title of this journal and thought NO WAY HOW DID THEY GET A ADVERT DEAL WITH A JUICE COMPANY. I thought this was getting that big, haha. (: Poor Pom, she will grow up fast... she will be okay.
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This is fantastic, excellent story! :D Loved it!
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its great you created ml pony :3
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Fluttershys replacement is proving to be braver then the original. 
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Possible quotes:

"Looks like it's down to you...and a ewe."

"Ramming speed!"

"Time for a baaahhh-tle."
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Of course, Pom would never say any of those things... but the "announcer" could? Maybe?
Indigo-Steel's avatar
Hmmmm....makes sense!
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Those bleating masses. ("Bleating", get it?) Must be painful to use one's head as a court hammer... Anyhow, I truly loved this! I may be an Applejack fan and Arizona resembles her, but in this game I think I like Pom the most. Bravo to you and everybody who've made this possible, Mrs. Lauren.
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so much work! thank you. Will there be anymore My Little Pony? 
or is it over? sorry for asking wasnt keeping updated on how are things,
though i watched a lot
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MLP:FiM is still being made (including a spinoff series of movies, AND at least one season after the current one), but Lauren hasn't been on staff for several seasons now. Most Bronies (including myself) believe the quality of the series has been maintained however.
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Thanks for reply.
That's a little sad that she isn't..
I think you can feel the difference anyway..
But cool, that it's still being created, 
I'll check it out.
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These are all frigging amazing, especially this one. And the Paprika one. And the one before that. And the one before that...
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I got that reference!!!
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the title of the next chapter.. lol

Also this is cute!!
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Too rich. This game's story is too good not to have a comic on the side.
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I thought this situation was pretty funny X)

"You cowards! We should be helping the creatures of Foenum!"
"... We don't wanna do it! You do it!"
"I don't wanna do it!"
"Too bad. You're the one who said we should help Foenum, here are your sheep dogs! Don't come back here until you or someone else has claimed the Key!"

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Dogs eat berries dont they? pherhaps that should've been suggested at the court? :3

Also, yes, Pom sure is wonderful :D
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Those dogs remind me of Buster from Wonder over Yonder. Is that your work?
NoctemFenrir's avatar
Tha name of that next book doh XD

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