Them's Fightin' Herds - A Spoonful of Paprika

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By fyre-flye
The Them's Fightin' Herds crowdfund is over -- and it was a huge success!!! A million thanks to all who contributed and all who helped spread the word. You've made a bunch of talented indie game designers incredibly happy! Mane6 and I are excited that we get to move forward making this game and sharing it with you.

As promised, here is one more story of one of our characters. Pom is next, then Tianhuo.


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a+ ending, the character sounds like fun.  If you're not an alpaca.
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Love the ending haha! :D
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Is the name "Adobo" supposed to make a reference of the tasty Filipino dish with the same name?
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Possible Quotes:

"I'm gonna hug you SO HARD!"

"WHEE! This is gonna be fun!"

"Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy..."
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"What? Did you think I was made out of stuff and fluff? Teehee! Silly Tiger."

Hops away leaving a dazed Tiger in a broken mess in the jungle.
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Simply the best of all the back story so far.
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New Pinkie Pie is a truly terrifying beast. 
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"Her name is Paprika, and she's going to kill us all." AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA HAHAHAHAAAAA HAHAHAH.
*keeps reading...*

...OH MY GOSH THIS IS BEST STORY OF ALL SO FAR! Ahahahaha. XD I want Paprika to win this while simultaneously taking all of Fœnum to the brink ahahah. XD X3
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.. thank god, .. my FFT job point mission was a success, ..
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Congrats on reaching all of the goals!!! :heart: I'm super happy to see that this game is going to be made, and you totally deserve it <3

I was wondering if we can still donate somewhere and gain access to the forums? I couldn't help out much during the month of the crowdfund, and would love to donate more now <3
lmao, that ending. I love these Alpake
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I know it's probably just a gag but my headcanon is they brought this on themselves by being so stoic that the naturally affectionate creature went mad from neglect.
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Fun idea ^_^ It's also interesting that we don't see her say anything directly here, but I'd kind of guess she doesn't talk much.
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hahahahaha I'm liking this Alpaca
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i am loving the theme this is going for! still child friendly, but also way more grown up humor! xD
I love the voice this is written in, and I hope you don't mind if I do a reading of it on my Youtube channel. c.c
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Call me a heartless and pessimistic bastard, but this character sounds annoying as f&^%. And not in a good way. Just an absent minded idiot that is too stupid to realize how much pain and suffering she causes around her.

Man, am I getting old or something?

Also, she looks more like a Lama than an Alpaca.
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