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The Season 1 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has finally aired.
I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the absolutely amazing, incredible, astounding crew of MLP:FiM for all their hard work and dedication.  I’m so grateful to have such a talented group of artists give their all for what could have easily been seen from day one as silly, girly fluff unworthy of their time.  Together I think we helped prove that “for girls” does not have to automatically equal “lame.”

And a gigantic thank you to the fans of the show!!!  The kids, the parents and all you bronies!!  The array of people this show has touched has completely exceeded my wildest expectations!  I cannot believe the response, and, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I cannot keep up with the messages!!!  Thank you all for your words of praise, thanks, curiosity, and even your thoughtful criticisms.  From the messages I’ve received, these episodes have lifted spirits, brought parents and kids together, changed perspectives and inspired the most unlikely of people in the most unlikely of places.  Who would have thought it from a show about candy colored ponies?  I want you all to know how grateful I am for you feedback and for sharing your thoughts and stories.  I only wish I had the time to reply to everyone and the ability to answer each and every question.


And now I suppose it’s finally time for me to deliver some unfortunate news.  I’ve been uncertain for a little while now about how, when and, to be honest, whether to announce the news at all.  But here it is:  I am no longer working on the show.  Various circumstances with the production made it increasingly impossible for me to keep up the level of personal creative involvement and control that I had at the start of the series.  I don’t think I can accurately express how difficult and painful the decision was and still is.  When Season 2 begins, you will see my credit changed from Executive Producer to Consulting Producer.  My involvement in Season 2 ultimately does* not reach far beyond story conception and scripts.  A little more involved in the beginning, and a little less towards the end.

However, you should be pleased to know that the gaps I have left are being filled by the same amazing artists, writers and directors who brought you Season 1.  I’m certain the show will be as entertaining as ever, though perhaps in a slightly different way.

With that said, I hope you will still be interested in sticking around my DA page.  I started this page as a forum to share my personal work and I hope that those of you who come here lured by ponies will be tempted to hang out for whatever else I have to share in the future---- as soon as I figure out what that will be!!

With sincerest gratitude,


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Thank you very much for the series. :)
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i am late to this, it's what happens when someone crash courses a show, and to be honest, i never thought i would touch MLP, but i sort of snowballed into it the more i learned, i rolled right into it  xD  i am sad to find out that you got weened off the show that you created and are the reason it turned out so well.

 here is my story of how i got into MLP:FiM, it's not a cool story, but it's a story...   okay, so, i am not big on kids shows, and i honestly gave up watching Nick and Cartoon Network in recent years to watch anime online, but despite my recent years of taste, i still remember the good times and some of the cartoons i used to like, which include The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, and finding out that you worked on those really good cartoons had got me curious about My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic.

 but let's back up a bit, before i even knew all that, i had just reinstalled Team Fortress 2, and i was bored of the same old maps, so i started messing around in random maps and games, and i found some sort of "Saxton Hale" bossfight game, but with ponies!  MLP bossfight!  seemed hilarious to even think about, and i realized while playing that yes, i am still pretty terrible at TF2, and that most of the people on the server were "bronies".  with that in mind, i started getting curious because i didn't know anything about the characters, so i annoyed them with questions that any basic fan would know the answer to  xD

 so the snowball started rolling, it picked up momentum for me to want to look into MLP, especially after learning about Weird Al being involved, what pushed me to youtube research and documentaries on netflix was seeing DJ Pon3.  i can not explain it, but something about seeing DJ Pon3 was like seeing one of the coolest things in existence, i don't even know, i just love that design.  so after learning about this and that, and then the brony culture, the fan made videos, the fan music (especially Ponyforce, since i love power metal), i finally caved in and started watching the show ^_^

 that is pretty much my intro to MLP story, but anyways, i would also like to add where i stand as of now.  though i am upset that you are not part of the show anymore, i have been reassured, partly by you yourself, that the show didn't become lame afterwards, which is good, because i am not in love with the show, and i've been known to drop animes that disappoint me more than halfway through (sorry Toradora!), i am a fair judge, but i like what i like, and though i could say i am a fan, i am not sure if i am a "brony" per say, though i love using the phrase "20% cooler".

 i will admit this is a show aimed at kids, and though i appreciate the references, i sometimes sigh at the over the top cheese in some aspects (like the episode where RD reads the book about Daring Do, i was never a big Indiana Jones fan to begin with, but the climax of that story seemed ridiculous, like, more ridiculous than the show on average).

 i try my best to take it all with a grain of salt, and like many will say, the characters really help staple the show together, so i try not to be critical about it (at least not as i am excessively critical about anime).  i will also state another reason i might not fit in as a "brony" is that i don't obsess over the show's music like it seems everyone does, i personally don't like musicals and sing-song in shows, so that's just me and my preference, though the show does a good job with composition, such a way i can objectively admit that it has a quality to it that you would expect with Disney films, but even so, i prefer harder music, so i can't get into singing Winter Wrap-up no matter how many times that chorus gets stuck in my head, lol.

 anyways, this turned into a long message, but i think i said everything i wanted to say.  cheers to you Lauren, you sparked the flame of a great show, and it spreads like wildfire, even to the unlikely fan like me ;)

P.S. i will look into that Medusa film soon also.
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Thank you Lauren for Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic!
You are incredibly gifted at what you do. I tell all my friends that you are a modern day Walt Disney because you created a show that doesn't touch one audience but all people.

Not all of your ideas were realized and if they were, they were slightly altered, but you left a mark on the world of Children's television with your ideas. You must be grateful to have such a nice group of friends who do their best to carry the main purpose of your idea: Real issues that all people go through and not stereotypical girlie things.

Don't stop continuing on with the Brony fandom because I don't think we would have gotten where we are now in recognition with out your support.


carolgold; aka Doyle
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*Sniff* The Great And Powerful Trixie will miss you..
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Oh fuck off with your degenerate cancer.
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Kill yourself, honestly. 
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TrixiesTrIcks's avatar
Lol , nvm , go ahead and swear with your bad jokes , I'm use to it ;D
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I don't know what were the reasons for you to go and I don't know if you still watch the show since you left completely, but I want to let you know here that the show still follows your spirit.
The general style hasn't changed at all, like you could think after you left. They even picked up two of your intended themes for the show in Season 4, with the Everfree Forest and Scootaloo's wings.
Thanks for giving us this wonderful show! :) You changed the world with it and you're the most inspiring artist that ever existed.
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Thank you for bringing us this amazing series!
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I believe that's pronounced "you're", as in 'you are'. "Your" is a possessive; so basically, you're saying that the welcome belongs to Lauren. :P

Yeah, I know this makes me a dick, but I don't care. It's a gratuitous error that happens FAR TOO OFTEN. People think that just because this is the internet, no one should care about spelling and grammar. No wonder our country is in such a sad state of affairs. Schools continuing to lower the passing grades, so eventually, all that a kid will need to get into college is a damn PENCIL. And we wonder why 17 other countries graduate more doctors and scientists than we do.

R.I.P. - the English Language. Died with the advent of the internet, and the indifferent users of said internet.
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Jesus Christ, all that over a comment saying "Your welcome" congratulations on being a pathetic human being getting that upset over a grammatical error. 
:( okay, I'm sorry. It was late, but that's still no excuse for my being rude. :(
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Now now, don't be so butthurt. 
Well, I wouldn't call it 'butthurt'. More like 'saddlesore', heh.
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We love you no matter what, Lauren Fuast!


From: Another brony

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the best night ever :)
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We love you Lauren Faust! Thank you for bringing us this amazing series!
I've seen a decrease in the show's engagement since you left. You are missed. :(
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It's a right awful shame they drove you off. I rather dislike the direction Season 3 has taken. Gilda hasn't returned to make amends with Rainbow (they did it with Trixie, why not Gilda?), King Sombra didn't get the screentime he deserved, and Twilight becoming an alicorn happened way too soon. Things were much better when you were in charge.

All that aside, I still wish to thank you for making this show possible. So many ignorant people misunderstand it and judge it unfairly as well as they judge the fans. Some people can't take anything from the show seriously because "HURR DURR TALKING PONIES", but FiM has a quality that other current shows like Spongebob and Total Drama Island sorely lack: a positive message that extends not to just little girls, but to everybody. It teaches us how great friendship is while not getting preachy about it. Some people criticize it for not being a 'manly' show. Well they're right; FiM doesn't teach you how to be a man, it teaches us how to be good people.

The fanbase is also full of wonderful people who post beautiful artwork and well-developed fanfictions, Cupcakes notwithstanding. Every single background pony that has ever appeared has gotten their own backstories, their own fanbases. And most importantly, their own families. The time and effort bronies put into maintaining this fandom is truly phenomenal, and few other fandoms can boast such dedication.

This all wouldn't have been possible without you, Lauren. You have my sincerest thanks for making MLP something people of all ages can truly enjoy.

Your Faithful Brony,

Lord Siravant
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