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It's that time again!  Another brand new Super Best Friends Forever will air this Saturday, May 26.  You can catch the short during the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network, 10-11am PST.  There's only two more to go, so be sure to catch it!

Don't know about DC Nation and SBFF?  Check out this old journal entry:


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:wow: That was You behind that!
A-Dawg13's avatar
Nice.. can I find them of youtube?
Animalunleashed's avatar
Nice. :D Super Girl looks so serious LOL
Also Bat Girl is awesome!
Nekorin-Gatacat's avatar
Great job on the shorts! It would be interesting to see them expanded.
Lightman9000's avatar
I didn't get to see it because I don't live in America and the person who uploaded the last 3 to YouTube didn't upload the new one. :(
ROFLShield's avatar
sees this on sunday
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An I the only one who finds it more than a coincidence that CN aired this short during an episode of Young Justice that seemed to focus on the girl Team members?
jacobyoung94's avatar
Speaking of which, best Batgirl: Tara Strong or Alyson Stoner? Take your pick
cronotic's avatar
are these shorts produced in flash? I really want to know :)
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God damn those awesome drawing abilities of yours! And Batgirl looks freaking cute :D
wiimaster97's avatar
Those sketches look pretty cool. As always! xD

I'm currently looking for the short... it's too bad they never say until right before it comes on.

Oh well, I'm sure everyone else will get to see it in all its glorious... -ness.
kellistrator's avatar
You are wonderful!
It's because of you my Daughter is in love with batgirl and Donna Troy!
...keep making wonderful things please! PLEASE!
aceline1996's avatar
30 minutes in TV again :3
Karnit's avatar
Brilliant... just brilliant!
ponykenso's avatar
yup, if i am still awake at this hour i do not think i will be up early enough to watch it, time for bed
ahintofawesome's avatar
Wow how do you know what they look like from different angles?
AnimationTyme's avatar
Each character/object has a unique set
of characteristics/landmarks. These
characteristics are based on geometric
shapes. Knowing how the geometric
shape looks as it rotates helps guide the
artist in determining how the identifying
landmark will look at diffenert angles.

Small character statues are also used to
help see how characters change as they

In Lauren's faq she mentioned learning
how to "See". Knowing how objects
look as they rotate is one aspect of this
skill in "Seeing".
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When you're working on a show you need to have model sheets for the animators so they all know what the characters look like from all the main angles they'll be shown in.
I imagine these are the model sheets for the girls heads from the studio maybe?
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I'll make sure to watch it. :salute:
DecimoPrimo's avatar
Thanks for letting us know!!! <3
AskTGAPTrixie's avatar
Is anypony gonna livestream it?
Doodlesthegreat's avatar
So far, the shorts have been three for three. Light, funny, and pleasant. Can't wait for tomorrow's new one.
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One of the things I love best about your DC heroines is that they are all different sizes. Girls come in a lot of shapes, and I love that you celebrate that. Just like Ponies celebrates how many different ways there are to ~be~ a girl; all worthwhile, all valid. You are truly a national treasure. Can't wait to see more from you, and Craig too!
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