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Some of you who have followed me in the past may know about this wonderful little zoo called The Wildlife Learning Center. WLC cares for a few dozen wild and exotic animals and treats them as "ambassadors" to help teach the public about wildlife conservation. What is so wonderful about WLC, is that many of the animals in there care are rescues. Many were illegally kept as pets and were either turned over or turned in to WLC for proper care. Others were animals born in the wild, but injury or acclimation to humans kept them from being able to survive in their natural habitats. Still others were exotic pets who grew too large or otherwise difficult to care for by their original owners. Without WLC, all of these rescued animals would be seriously ill or dead.

Besides offering animals topnotch care, WLC is an amazing place to visit. This zoo is small, so visitors get to see the animals more up close and intimately than larger zoos. Even better, many of their animals are trained to interact with people, so they are able to offer visitors one-on-one interactions with the animals! Everyone I know who has been to WLC loves it!

WLC is a nonprofit organization, and they rely on the public to raise the money they need to care for their animals and offer education to children and adults alike. This year, they find themselves struggling because of the economy. They need to raise $48,000 to get through 2013, so they are reaching out with an IndieGogo campaign.  Please check out their IndieGogo page and consider helping them out. Each donation level offers perks for anyone who can come to visit, such as free passes for you and guests and free "animal encounters" with creatures such as owls, sloths, porcupines, fennec foxes or even their great, big, beautiful Siberian Lynx, Boomer!!

If you donate, you'll be helping all these guys:

Cleo the Fennec Fox was kept illegally as a pet. He became extremely ill from improper veterinary care and suffered permanent neurological damage which still causes him to have seizures. Now that he lives at WLC, he has the special care he needs and his life is enriched by the other fennec foxes he gets to live with.

Eddie the Spider Monkey was born in a laboratory. He was destined to be used for research but luckily for him (ironically) his mother rejected him at birth and the lab did not want to care for a newborn, so Eddie was taken in by WLC. Now instead of enduring a life of small cages and medical testing, he gets to live happily in trees with other spider monkeys.

Danali the Bald Eagle was born in the wild. She was found with an injured wing that never healed properly despite rehabilitation. There is no way she could survive in the wild without being able to fly, so she now lives at WLC. I had never seen a bald eagle up close until I met her!

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Nanuk the Arctic Fox once lived a neglected, sad life in a FUR FARM! Now instead of being someone's coat, he lives in a large pen with plenty of enriching, natural elements with several other foxes to keep him company.

Fluffy the Alligator and his 2 siblings were purchased illegally as babies and raised in a bath tub with not much else to eat than hot dogs -- hardly a healthy diet. As a result, their growth has been stunted, and no one quite knows how old they are. They remain small but live happily now at WLC in a proper enclosure and offer visitors a rare close look at these magnificent predators!

To find out more about WLC and the animals they care for, visit them at

To donate to their IndieGogo campaign, please visit As little as $15 really helps!

Thank you!!


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My friends need your help! by fyre-flye on deviantart…
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mlpgirl1010Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww, the animals are adorable
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FelisLupusHobbyist Traditional Artist
I doesn' t have enough money to donate. Is there anything I can do to help?
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TORIfloopStudent Digital Artist
fluffy the alligator? o_o
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TheDoggieDivaStudent Digital Artist
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I donated because of your post here.

Apparently I'm getting 4 free tickets to the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California, for my donation level. Anyone know anyone I can give them to?
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I have 3 words for you Mrs. Faust...
Call the Bronies.
Pull one of those jumpstart things where donations are rewarded with prizes, say, $500 donators will recieve a requested bit of art drawn and signed by you, $1000 will get a set of Galaxy Girls/MLP plushies plus previous rewards, and for the really high-rollers, offer a short animated personal thank you featuring yourself, Ashleigh, Tara, or some others of the crew.
This s**t will be taken care of before the weekend hits, if you can keep up with cashing out all the rewards... Good luck with that, by the way.
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me and my family are willing to help out the animals.
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catluvr2Hobbyist General Artist
A friend of mine wrote this to the tune of "A True True Friend" from the Season 3 finale.
08:38:13 <344forever> fyre-flye needs your help she's trying hard doing what she can. Would you try just give us a chance you might that you love and understand. A true true friend helps a friend in need, and bronies will be here to help them see that a true true friend helps a friend in need to see the light that shines in a true true friend
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catluvr2Hobbyist General Artist
Shared on Facebook. :salute:
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This looks like a great group, thank you for telling more people about them, I made a donation earlier today.
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KakamakingHobbyist General Artist
Dang it! I'm a guy.... I can't join the sisterhood.
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cb-shippochanHobbyist Digital Artist
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MonochromationHobbyist Writer
Mon dieu. They are soooo adorable. Heh.
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i'll be helping too!
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TobyandMavisforeverStudent General Artist
You would do Fluttershy proud Miss Faust.
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Pikachu1089Hobbyist General Artist
awww I love the fox + wolf
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TheDoggieDivaStudent Digital Artist
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I love the foxes pictures!!!
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I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!! I wish O could visit that place and possibly maybe donate some money but I don't have much and mom wants me to save it for something I want to use it on. She isn't against these animals. She doesn't know about this zoo yet.
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Snow-Bunny101Hobbyist General Artist
;u; fox made me cry!
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Finally! Thank you for using your popularity for good use! :iconcute-plz:
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Awww....I feel really bad for those animals. I wish I could donate, but I barely have any money that I know of. :C
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