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Remember last week when I said:

"Very soon - this week, most likely - WLC will be holding an Indiegogo fundraiser for much needed vet equipment for their animals. Tier rewards will be specifically geared towards fans of My Little Pony. I'll be posting about it in the next few days, along with some art I created just for the event." ??

Well, it's up and running! If you are a fan of MLP, or a fan of my art (for either of which, I thank you!!) please take a peek at the campaign and see if their are any tier rewards you may like as a thank-you for a donation!

MLP tier rewards include:
- signed Funko figures of the Mane 6, Derpy and more
- Funko Twilights and Discords signed by none other than Tara Strong and John DeLancie!!
- OOAK pencil drawings of Fluttershy with WLC's animals
- outgoing voice mail from Tara and John
- a party with MLP writers

- AAAAANNNND - so many people expressed interest in last week's auction for a sketch of your OC, we're now offering raffle tickets to win one of 3 chances to have a drawing of your OC (pony or otherwise)

We're also offer thank you rewards featuring some art I put together just for this fundraiser - featuring animals that WLC cares for. For just $1-$20 you can get a digital desktop, postcards, buttons and other stuff of this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Please consider helping! Even small donations mean a lot!
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hi,fyre-flye i'm a fan of mlp fim. i would donate if i could,but i don't think i have any possible way to donate to you.i don't have paypal or usd.(i also did my version of what a reformed chrysalis would look like.)
Mlp Chrysalis Reformed Changeling by twidashfan1234
NatiMLP's avatar
I thought you gave up with Hasbro's help in MLP ...
Murdershi's avatar
I would help, but sadly, capital controls say that you can't pay money over internet banks - recieve money and that's pretty sad.
I hope I'll donate when the CC is over :I.
MorePotatoes's avatar
I am broke. like everyone else who is here
SisterhoodSongs's avatar
I would donate, but my parent's stupid "Don't give money to strangers on the internet" rule won't let me.
slugsketches's avatar
I wish I could donate, but sadly I am broke and don't have a way to pay money through the internet anyway :|
Rebelc0g's avatar
probably the only way i could pay would be with a gift card :P
mia-mackroni's avatar
CutemewHeatherclaw's avatar
Bless you. So do I! In fact, I'm a vegetarian!
AF20cartoons's avatar
How can I donate?
DemonicLucario's avatar
I would help! I love campaigns like these.





I am completely broke. I have no money. And using the dA Points to dollars calculator, all the Points I've ever earned would add to......38 cents. $0.38. Oh well.
AnlenaRarity's avatar
Glory reward! Just image how great you can have all of that!

and why the frog is on top of the world? I scare frog and that is look creepy and funny to me! But all of that is awesome! Well maybe lucky next time!
KitiZaRuju's avatar
If I had money or be just a few ages more,  I would help whole heartedly, with or with ought an award. thx so much for sharing this Ill tell people about this fundraiser :)
Lobete-Art's avatar
I want to help, but I don't have money Wolf Crying . And you forget draw a beautiful wolf. 
blackschadow's avatar
Wäre es erlaubt, wenn ich ein paar Vorschläge und einige Charaktere aus meiner brony Sammlung (mlp-fan) für die neue Staffel schiken dürfte? Es macht mir nix aus, wenn sie ein paar Veränderungen machen würden! Falls sie einverstanden wären werde ich meine email-adresse bekannt machen!

(would it be possible to send you a few characters from my own brony collection for your new sequence? I would not mind if you changed it a little bit. If you are OK i will send you my email.)
Seanthexd's avatar
Wow I love Friendship is magic a hole lot. by the way did you know your phone number so i can call you about the greenglove show, it will be like mlp fim and milky way galaxy girls.
Wolf-princess26's avatar
Pardon me for the trouble, My work loves the idea of the project and we're going to help. One thing I was wondering why some of the rewards don't show up anymore(like signed mane 6) and others, is it just because it's sold out?
Soultaker4433's avatar
I would LOVE TO , sad thing is, I got no money.
saber360's avatar
You reached your goal and it's still going! :D
estanison's avatar
( _ )
( _ )> ⌐▀-
(⌐▀_▀) b
It's a good cause, we must do our part, thanks for the message.

CrystalGalaxys's avatar
*dies bc I cant buy stuff online* ;-; PurpleButterCream
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