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First pics of the new My Little Pony toys based on the show I developed and am currently producing.  View more pics here, down at the bottom of the page.

:eyepopping: Sometimes I kinda can't even believe this is happening. I mean, total childhood dream come true!! :boogie:

As far as I know, these are teaser prototypes.  I'm not very much part of the toy process--- I designed the characters (as seen in the art on the background piece) for animation, and the talented Hasbro artists did the sculpts, so I'm not sure what the final toys will look like.  For anyone curious, I DO know they are working on versions with rooted, comb-able hair, so don't go throwing out your little, plastic, heart-shaped brushes just yet!

I'm hoping more will show up as Toy Fair rolls out next. I've seen more prototypes than these, but have no idea what else Hasbro will be displaying.  If anyone stumbles across any more pictures, please share the link with me!

And yes, that's Applejack and Spike!!!



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WildbreathTheOrigina's avatar
It is an awesome show.
L-A-B-R-A-D-O-R's avatar
Hehe i like collecting the blind bag figures too :D
Pentastarm's avatar
OMG this is too cute! I love reading things like this from before the show was launched! Thank you so much Lauren for this wonderful reboot of MLP.
TheHappyCrusader's avatar
They had an accurate Princess Celestia at one point? lol, how did they end up releasing a pink version?
NeonVoltage's avatar
the dye plant did a prank?
Is there any chance that it will produce CD soundtracks out my little pony? Because I really like the songs!
Curiosajess's avatar
I dont like it when they make your ponies with the hair, they look so much better and truer to the characters when the hair looks like this.
Curiosajess's avatar
I bought these the second I saw them!
jaimeecakes's avatar
spikes back!! woooo hooooo! & as soon as my poor person college salary allows it im so buying all of those!
TarriPup's avatar
This will definately be interesting!! MLP is a childhood love of mine, and watching the cartoons is one memory from being around 3 years old that remains strong!
The sweetness of cantering down memory lane when I found the old G1 cartoons from the '80s was like opening a lost chest of happiness.
When I viewed the G3 versions, however, I become disconnected - thought not completely.
I'd have to say my most disliked character from G3 was Rainbow Dash. "It's all about rainbows, darlings!!" was more than enough to get under my skin.
With the new MLPs however, Rainbow Dash has been COMPLETELY redeemed, and now she is my favourite! Funny the way things go! :XD:

As for the toys, I'm going to watch with much interest. Okay, I'm a guy, but still... my passion for MLP grew as a 3 year old, so it remains in my mind unrestricted by gender, personally.
Though.. try telling that to dad... I think that he thinks I'm gay.. <<;;

I'm VERY impressed with the comeback, myself!! :meow:

And you say... you developed and produced..?
You realise that I'm going to have a very keen interest right here, right? ^^;
(Not just in the fact of producing MLP, which is an absolute favourite, but also the whole area of producing an animated series, and whatnot - recently I even pondered about taking an animation course, but am unsure at this particular point! ^^;
Life can be difficult sometimes when it comes to decisions..)
Jo-san's avatar
So the toys are based on the show and not the other way around? That's great. I think the show in the 80's helped MLP thrive for many years.
These little things are so precious. I saw a tiny screenshot from the upcoming show and I loved the atmosphere in the little town - the cozy wooden houses (the kind you would come across in a fantasy computer game) and the castle on the side of the mountain. I think you may be creating the Ponyland of my dreams here.

I hope that the show will be a big success. I just recently saw pictures of the prototypes that have "real" hair, and I dare say they are different, but very delicate, cute and likeable.
Now I hope that I will be able to see the new show here in Sweden someday.

Thank you. :heart:
Thanks for bringing back my two favorite G3 ponies (And turn Rainbow Dash into a pegasus in the process). I can't wait to see the new characters around here, the official Mlp site and online (A sneak peek for us, the fans, will be interesting).

As a collector, im showing a strong interest with the characters and i want to buy them all including the to-be-named winged-corn and the purple unicorn. :D
fyre-flye's avatar
So happy to hear! I was happy Hasbro was willing to let me give RD her wings. "Dash" demands a character with a need for speed, don'tcha think?

I have to be careful what I reveal before the show's launch, but Hasbro has already announced the the purple unicorn is Twilight Sparkle (Twilight for short... "Sparkle" made it possible for us to legally use the name.} She's sort of the central character.
Okay 3 months left for the debut.

Ok, you're right, be careful, careful, careful. Maybe by end of September or the week before the premiere should be nice to show a sneak preview of the ponies. 'till then, i'll be wait for your finished work going into action, just like the all new Rainbow Dash.
I saw on the Hub preview a blue pony with rainbow hair with a rainbow as her symbol. Is that Rainbow Dash? If there's other known pony friends that will make an appeareance on the new show? Just let me know.
fyre-flye's avatar
Yes, that's Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Spike the Dragon will also return. Everyone else is new.
Sorry, Lauren. i forgot the link :D


Is the Light blue pony with rainbow colored hair. Is that pony Rainbow Dash or a new character? And if you're bringing other well known ponies Like Pinkie Pie and Applejack appearing on the new show?

Congrats for the work doing the ponies. I consider myself a hardcore fan of your work and the ponies.
MarioRodgers's avatar
I love the G3 DTVs including the Twinkle Wish Adventure. However, I'm not so keen on the new toys, especially when Hasbro went all Core 7. But THIS is something that I might see myself buying. It has CHARACTER! I can't wait to see animation based on this design.
fyre-flye's avatar
Character is all I care about! Hope you like the new show and toys!
MarioRodgers's avatar
When is the new show slated to appear and in what format or which network?
fyre-flye's avatar
What is now "Discovery Kids" will become "The Hub" as of 10/10/10.

Not sure when Pony will premiere, but it will be soon after the launch of the Hub.
MarioRodgers's avatar
Guess I'll just have to hope for DVD releases then. ^^; I don't know if I plan on getting cable anytime soon. Certainly not those premium channels.
Can't wait to see more! Applejack! <3 Refresh, refresh, refresh. :D
brontolina's avatar
OMFG I love Spike! That's so badass.
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