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Here's an interview I did for Equestria Daily about Season 1.  If you've ever been interested in the behind-the-scenes structure of an animated show, you'll enjoy this long and thorough interview.

More development sketches coming soon.  Be sure to check out the premiere of Season 2 tomorrow morning on the Hub!  If people seem to like it, I'll post some of my first development sketches of the new villian.  ;)

A lot of folks asking what colors this pony sketch would be------ I'm rather pale skinned, but peachy flesh colored ponies look weird to me, so white body and slightly purplish, dark red hair.  If you want, color away!


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Hello Lauren first I'd like to say your an amazing creator and love your work. Also what do you think of your pony OC ?…
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Oh yeh and by the way, what is happening with mlp now?
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Ive always loved your ponysona Lauren, but you need to make more art of her! She is gorgeous~
Ive finally made a ponysona too, she is my icon

Please no body but lauren reply to this...i don't want all these comments on my page. So could you, lauren please?
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I feel sorry for you now my queen, when seeing that sketch above.
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That's awesome! I'm reading it now.
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You ponifiedddd!!!!
Cool! :lol:
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seems like ALOT of work O.O
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As usual, awesomeness. Thank you again ever so much for bringing FiM to our lives. :)
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Wait. So... you are the creator of MLP FiM????!!!! Really?! Really?!?!?! Oh, my gosh, lady! You rock awesomeness like nobody's BUSINESS, yo!!!!!
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my little pony is awsome!
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i coloured the sketch hope you like it [link]
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even her ponysona is awesome, thanks for putting this up here!
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Curious question,

I've seen deviants draw the ponysona before and/or colored this image, and I see what the colors are supposed to be for the body, mane, etc. but I ask, has there been a decision on what color the eyes would be? Cause i've seen so many of them with gold, green, blue, brown, etc. I don't know which one is the right color and if I want to draw her in the future, I need to know please? Thanks ~
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this truly expresses you. Nice job, Lauren!
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I watched it after reading ones fan fiction of mlp and star craft and then I checked the episodes. That's when I was hooked.
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I just realized something!!!

Your art reminds me a little of the art from panty and stocking... epsecially this piece.
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IIRC the people who made that at Gainax are fans of her, so Panty & Stocking w/Garterbelt looks like that on purpose.
I used to say Bleh to all the new MLP stuff on the internet and was diehard against it (cause it was too "Girly"). However, as it grew as a phenomenon and I started to see mashup videos and fanart spread across the internet I couldn't help but wonder exactly how popular it was. That was when I found the Brony movement. Now, I'm a guy, hard rock fan, love action movies, and violent video games, the whole bit, so when I finally sat down and saw the show for the first time and discovered I liked it I couldn't believe it! That day I became a Brony. Thank you for your amazing work! XD
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I love you. So much. You're awesome! I wanna be just like you when I get older ♥
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Great interview. I frequent a lot of Transformers message boards, and I have to tell you, Lauren, that even the die-hard TF fans generally agree that MLP is the best thing on the HUB, beating out even the new TF show.
What you've managed to create with MLP:FiM is incredible, and I love every minute of it. Thanks for everything and best of luck in all your future projects! :D
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This has probably been said before, but Johnjoseco did two awesome images of your new alicorn ponysona. Thought I'd toss em up here since you seem to read when I comment on your journal more than anywhere else I try to post on you page. Well, besides the fact that it is relevant to the journal. They are really nice. Enjoy!


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It is awsome that season 2 is starting to kick off in a smoth gliude to a new begining hope you make it works out Lauren I enjoyed the new episode it was great good bye for now michael elisha out
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Can has online internship? Please?

I'm doing a class at University that requires an internship and I'm really excited to get into interactive entertainment and storytelling.

I absolutely love Cartoon Network ... I practically grew up on the powerpuff girls, dextor's laboratory, johnny bravo, courage the cowardly dog ....... all of them! And I fell in love with Foster's ... yes, this may sound like sucking up big time but really ... I just love the stuff! I cannot get enough of visually and substantially appealing cartoons.

And then Friendship is Magic roared into my life.

I love that you are passionate about making good entertainment for girls. As a child I was quite the tomboy and I just did not enjoy all of the girly you will grow up always worrying about your looks and getting married and having a family and be a homemaker stuff. And even though I had Buttercup to relate to she was quite fiery XD I would have loved Rainbow Dash!

I really look up to you!
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