Galaxy Girls, My Little Pony and 2010

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Many of you who follow me may have noticed that I practically fell off the face of the earth for most of 2009.  If you still do follow me despite the boring lack of activity, I can finally tell you why I've been MIA.

It's finally been announced, and you can read about it here, in the New York Times article interviewing Brian Goldner, President of Hasbro, that I've been hired by Hasbro to be the "Creative Steward" of their famous toy "My Little Pony," and Executive Producer to the new upcoming animated television series which I developed myself.

Here's an excerpt in case you don't feel like reading the whole article:

WSJ: Tells us about the joint venture with Discovery.

Mr. Goldner: A lot of other kids networks seem to be focused on teenagers. We think there is a great opportunity to focus on the six- to 12-year-old and their parents. And we have a lot of brands that we'll use. It's not just all Hasbro programming. Certainly you will see My Little Pony and Tonka as some of the shows, but really at least a significant portion will be new ideas. The network will launch in the fall of 2010.

Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who wrote the "Transformers" movies, a "Star Trek" movie, and the TV show "Fringe," are working on a show for us. Lauren Faust created the "Powerpuff Girls" and "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends." She's doing a show for us;the "My Little Pony" show. We are working with Overbrook, which is Will Smith's and James Lassiter's company on two TV pilots.

(DISCLAIMER-- My husband Craig McCracken is the real creator of PPG and Foster's!!!)

So, this extremely time consuming job has taken me almost completely away from all other work including Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls.

What does this mean in the year to come?  Well, hopefully soon, I will be allowed to share some of what will come of the new version of Pony.  So for those of you who have stuck with me, hold tight and hopefully what you'll see will be worth the wait.  It will be a COMPLETELY NEW My Little Pony!!

As for Galaxy Girls, the dolls are still at FAO Schwartz and  It's been an extremely difficult and harrowing road to get them there and I'm not so sure what the future holds for them.  I've learned in the years I've been trying to get the girls out in the world that the toy biz is very, very, VERY tough, and quite unforgiving.  The fate of the Girlaxy is in the hands of fans and consumers now.  If the dolls sold well over the holidays, then we will make more.  If not..... well, it may be over for the gGirls.

The Girlaxy needs your support more than ever!!</b>  If you decided to buy a doll or book, please show your friends!!  Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing device ever!!  Post comments on the Galaxy Girls blog, join our Facebook group and comment often!!  You can befriend Milky Way herself on Facebook as well!  Be sure to check out and friend us at the Galaxy Girls MySpace page which has been recently updated!!!  All brand new design and pictures of the products that will be made if I can get your support!!!

Help me make 2010 the year of the Girlaxy!!!!!!



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