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I'm not sure if I've metioned it here before, but I'm producing a Galaxy Girls short.   A while back I wrote a treatment for a "micro-series" which would encompass 13 3-minute episodes that, when combined together sequentially, would tell one big story.  My plan for the whole thing is that it be told entirely to music, with little or no dialogue (except for 2 episodes that involve singing.)  I've picked one episode to produce on my own, hoping that when it's done, someone with money will want me to make the rest. Here is the basic gyst of the series as a whole:

Milky Way's joy in life is to explore her realm, meet new friends and find adventure. While visiting our Solar System for the very first time, Milky comes across a beautiful, small planetoid.  But when she touches it, it shatters into 11 pieces, releasing the villain who was imprisoned inside, the massively destructive and terrifying BLACK HOLE!!!

Milky must find the pieces of the planetoid and re-imprison this threat to the known universe, but the fragments have been hurled to each of the planets of the star system that surrounds her.  As she searches for them, she meets each and every one of the Galaxy Girls, and each girl must use her unique talents to help Milky retrieve the fragments and save the Universe from being sucked in and devoured by Black Hole's evil vortex!

The story I picked to make is the one involving Saturn and how she uses her talent to help Milky Way find a piece of the fragment.  So what you see below is part of the next step.  I've broken the story down into the most basic beats that need to be hit.  I then gave these beat boards to my freind Jim Venable, who is the composer for Foster's and Powerpuff.  He is going to write a song to illustrate these beat boards.  You see, I want these episodes to feel like music videos rather than a scored film.  When Jim is finished the song, I will start the real storyboard and choreograph the shots and animation to the song.

And on a final note, please forgive the messiness of the drawings.  I draw fast when I board, and I get a little messy.  As long as the idea gets across, that's all I need.  These boards are posted in my SCRAPS section if you want to take a closer look.

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just asking, is there an earth girl personified?