DC Nation starts 2morrow- plus watch me on the web

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DC Nation begins tomorrow morning at 10 am on Cartoon Network!  I really encourage everyone to check out ALL the DC Nation shorts.  This program from Warner Bros. and DC offered a really great opportunity for artists, giving creators unprecedented freedom to do their own take on these classic characters.  It's a refreshing creative agenda and one that really deserves support.

And you can see me talking about about it here.  I suggest watching both videos, but in case you're short on time, I'm in the second one---- click the bottom thumbnail on the right.

Also, you can read even more about SBFF at io9.com.


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Check out the MILKY WAY AND THE GALAXY GIRLS web site!!

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I'll have to check it out. Batgirl was pretty awesome during B:TAS.
sharkbyte3827's avatar
Awesome, gonna check it out. Glad you got the chance to work with them on the shorts. They artist who did the one for Plastic man and Animal Man were awesome XD. I still get a kick out of Animal Man's intro and his epic rescue of a cow.
colourcodedchaos's avatar
I hate to be a bother, and you've probably been asked this by people with actual journalistic credentials, but what did you think of Aardman's shorts?
Rahheemme's avatar
I love the Supergirl design.
butterflyinreverse12's avatar
I LOVE THIS VERSION OF THE DC GIRLS!!! MAKE MORE PLEASE!!!! YOU'RE AWESOME....and...I don't need to be typing in all caps anymore.... ^_^'
ProjectZuel's avatar
Would watch it if I could but I don't have cartoon network anymore...
TheMarioSisters's avatar
I missed it D: is there a video on Youtube? Will it be on again?
The-Many-Faces-Of-Me's avatar
Does anyone know if Harley Quinn is going to make an appearance?
chillbot9000's avatar
Busy at 10? CAPTURE CARD! Awaaaaaaay.
Pinkiebel's avatar
I am soooo excited for these shorts X)
Mizu-Star-Chibi's avatar
I'm a huge fan of MLP FIM!!
I have a question about Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls, if I may ask?
RocknRumble's avatar
The designs of the characters look aweosme. I really love your style, it reminds of PPG. I'm really looking forward to your upcoming project. Best of luck to ya.
Exclusive-Cheese's avatar
Pffft. The shorts aren't on YouTube. What do I have to do, buy cable and watch the shorts legally?
SailorSeiyaDigiJem's avatar
If this is Facebook then I will click "like" button :love:
Yomandude's avatar
Well, I'm sure clips will be re-airing, so it's not that bad. I'm just so glad you chose to work with a Time Warner subsidiary and not a Viacom one. The difference in creative integrity between the two is just mind-boggling. In a way, I guess I should be thankful that CN has the DC rights. Keep being amazing, Faust!
SullMaster's avatar
I will be on the lookout, congrats on the new gig and good luck!
Dogmaf's avatar
Okay, now your really stepping on my cape here!
kappalizzy's avatar
awwww girl ur awesome!! I love it
Kman-Studio's avatar
Interesting concept.

Most Western comic books have thrived on their ability to let different writers and artists take the helm on beloved characters, but in most cases it has always mainly been male superheroes that gets the proper overhauls, while the females tend to get re-envisioned in a different way. From what I've heard about the current DC reboots, all the strong female characters have become a bit.... yeah.... more 'on display' >_>

So it should be interesting to see the different takes in a show that solely focuses on the female superheroes and their interactions with one another for a change. :D
Zexrio's avatar
Lovely Lauren :-)
ajshim's avatar
Well I'm off to make a Mlp Fim version of The Justice League series.
Teavian's avatar
I didn't get to see it, curse you work! I hope I can eventually!
SpaceCinnaBuns's avatar
But, I'm on the Philippines and it wasn't shown in ours... We have CN channel here but it doesn't show here... I know it's with the US schedule but I'm dying to watch it! :squee:
Sixcolors's avatar
Oh, and I should say congrats on getting your shorts out there!
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