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By fyre-flye
Holy guacamole, bronies.  Stephen Colbert just gave you all a shout out.  I'm seriously impressed.  You guys are an internet force to be reckoned with.  Just wow.


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WAITING ON YOU, JON! :iconderpyhooves:
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Does anyone have a youtube link?
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Unlike Fox News who just took the piss. Dicks >:(.
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Good ol' Colbert. Always thinking of us . . . Them, if he didn't mention pegasisters. (Close enough.)

Just got into MLP today, VERY happy with it.
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Ah yes, Colbert, his shout out was well orchestrated. Now we just to insert our presence into 30 Rock and POW!! America will be ours.
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Or we could always, you know, just take it now. With party cannons. And Pinkies. Lots of Pinkies.
((kidding, kidding))
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I'll organize the troops.
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:iconpartycannonplz: I'll man the cannons!
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ASDFGHJKL YES! :D -jumps up asnd down repetedly-
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:iconrlyplz: Wow.. Colbert... I LOVE THAT GUY.
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i love the colbert report and mlp fim!!!!!
who knows, maybe you'll get to be on his show? (or maybe have him be a pony in an episode, *hint hint*)
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Oh cool I didn't know you noticed that. I watch him all the time, great to see the two cultures blend a little.
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yep, we're taking over one medium at a time, soon movies will be brony influenced. soon.
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Yay for bronies and pega-sisters! 8D
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Hmm, nopony commented on here in a while...NOWS MY CHANCE! Colbert is my bestest friend whoopee, whoopee! He's the greatest funniest all-around best reporter, reporter. Thats all I got. :)
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When Colbert gives a shoutout to ur show, you know you're legit.
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I had to see it again, first time I did not know what he was talking about but know I get it. [link]
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Dagnabbit! I wanted to see what was going on but I live in Canada so the video wasn't available.
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