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Sometimes I have time to make art. Here is some.
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my childhood yes!!!

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Thank you for drawing these guys! :)
Wander Emote - SQUEE Feel The Hater Wander and Sylvia Conversational Emotes Commander Peepers Icon 1 Wife material (lord dominator wander over yonder) 
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This show always felt like an acid trip to me lol
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Well, it it ain't Wande' ova' Yonda'!
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aww i love this show!
TinySpoonzzz's avatar
We made an amino to bring the show back y'all
ZachAttackJ's avatar
I love minimalist renderings. Rock solid job on this!
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It's a shame this show got cancelled, Disney did not treat it well. It was really good, it had true cartoon vibes and a great animation.
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Wander Over Yonder!!! i love that show and i love this art!! 
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I recently-ish saw two episodes of this show, and it looks good.  There is a very "Fosters" like atmosphere to the writing from what I've seen.
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I miss this show
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Craig McCracken is an amazing guy. You are a talented person just like your husband is. ^^
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Digging the minimalist presentation of these. Good stuff!
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It[s a good Show
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Style kinda looks like 'Life: the Game'
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Madam Faust, your art is fantastic
Zenythycal's avatar
My heart! You're so good!
GingerbreadTARDIS99's avatar
This is so adorable! :D (Big Grin) 
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