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WLC fundraiser art progression

So, if you saw my latest journal, "MLP rewards for helping animals!" you know I'm helping with a fundraiser for my good friends at Wildlife Learning Center for badly needed veterinary equipment. This is the art I created for the fundraiser, featuring some of the animals they care for at WLC. Boomer the Siberian Lynx, Cleo the Fennec Fox, Lola the Two-Toed Sloth, Danali the Bald Eagle, Kingston the Squirrel Monkey, Zeus the blind Screech Owl and others!  Plus, a little look into how this piece progressed, from thumbnail to final color. These days, I don't get to draw as much as I used to, so getting to do a full piece like this is a special treat. Hope you like!

If you haven't already checked out the fundraiser, please do. There are rewards for donating that feature this art, as well as perks especially for My Little Pony fans!

Logo design my brother, Jason!
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I write this letter not expecting you to read it very soon (or if you will have the time to do it, I can't imagine how many you get per day), but it is a letter that I thought too much about not having the courage to do it... until I finally decided. And that's what you read now. :nod:

Not long ago "Generations" came out, the epilogue adventure to "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", after one last epic adventure in what was called "the 10th Season", all this done in comics from the IDW publishing house. With that they closed 9 years of that madness that you started and, it must be said, they continued without you: the interview with her husband, Craig McCracken, detailing how they took her away from the series that you helped to create, is already well known resurrect until reaching levels of popularity that neither in the 80's, nor at any time of its existence, the Hasbro company managed to achieve (if only to sell the equine plastic figures), in addition to other things with which you were not very happy agreement ("Equestria Girls", for example :facepalm:).

In spite of those unkind details that we learned that she experienced (and endured) as the director of the animated series and promoter of the Fandom madness that followed (up to levels that I prefer not to detail at all, you can imagine which ones I'm talking about^^;), she has it was through you that that existed incredible Fantasy World, as exciting and wacky as it is sweet and fun. Needless to say how much we enjoyed "everypony" with the Equestria he built from the ground up. :clap:

And I'm not just talking about the stories and characters idealized by you: all the production complexity, how you skilfully decided to animate everything in Flash (a program from which "Serious People" moved away from the various Graphic and Audiovisual Arts) and the surprising graphical results you got from it: more vivid colors, faster and smoother file rendering, recycling of details to save time on production, affinity with other programs for the realization of, even, episodes after the one started by you, but following your traced route (those Timber Wolves and how well they were integrated despite being 3D). Well I know what I'm talking about, you can't imagine the number of files of the series in that format that I have and with which I learned to make animation (don't look at me with a bad face, it was inevitable that I would look for them... in fact I searched for them more than any other article in the series). ^^;^^;:no::facepalm:

But above all, the Equestria that you devised is (I won't say "was") an entertaining and beautiful place that knew how to bring us wonderful scenarios and as far as it could and with the writers who accompanied it, stories one more incredible than the other ("Pinkie Sense" and her unusual moral, I didn't see anything like that even in the "He-Man" series), in addition to the crazy situations:happybounce:, the small and moving dramas:faint:, the situations where the friendship of the protagonists was put to the test and all those experiences that made them grow as characters, not to mention "The Hero's Journey" :superman:by the beloved Twilight Sparkle:love:, at times tender, at times brittle, at times maddened by anguish, but always finding a way to overcome difficulties. I write all this, Mrs. Faust, because, like everyone else, her Equestria, that incredible Equestria that she built, completely changed my world. :love::nod:

In the days of the last episode of the series ("The Last Problem"), I managed to see that "Bible" that you presented to the Hasbro Board (and that "no one more to see") where you gave the details of what you hoped to do... Although I did see the rest of the series after you were separated from her (it was a while before I found out about the Mac Cracken interview), if they had let you do 100% of what you planned (or at least half of that 100%), MLP would have been even more incredible: not for nothing did you think of "Chronicles of Narnia", "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter" as examples of what you wanted to say and produce. :happybounce::headbang:

Because "My Little Pony", as you conceived it, has more than enough to be great, maybe some other detail needed to be adjusted, but all that that he idealized, about a prophecy found by an antisocial unicorn and how that changed his life and that of those around him, the magnificent show in its simple and complex narration that, however, the children's audience knew how to understand and enjoy (and we, the Brony Community, too), those joys that he made possible in not a few of us, even curing many of their depressions just by watching any episode... seriously, it's hard for me to describe the deep mark that his Equestria left on me , in all of us, :love::nod:how much it changed many aspects of how we see this world, to the point of making us more resistant to the terrible experiences of everyday life that we live (and the Pandemic has not yet arrived). :ambulance:

Now, G4 is completely over:cries:, Twilight Sparkle's 9-year adventure and her universe is just a memory for all of us, treasured not only in the simple yet abundant merchandise (and stuff made by fans and for fans) and episodes that we keep on DVD's, but how the series made under her baton and beyond (but still active) has become something magical and unprecedent in our hearts. A new "generation" is on the way, already introduced to the public through a first feature film that, honestly, disappointed me: it lacked that spark and madness that we knew with its ponies (someone even told me it was "a Decaf Equestria" :no:) , without even expecting it to be the same because the succession was necessary, I can only hope that the new series compensates for that bad drink that I suffered as a spectator and follower of MLP:faint: (yes, the series was made for little girls, but You did the unthinkable feat that big guys like me liked it too ^^;). But if I'm sure of something is that the genius and love he poured into the MLP animated series turned it into something more than a cartoon that only promoted selling beautifully colored horses: he taught us, the small audience and us, the Unthinkable Brony Community, the value of many things that this Modern Society induced us to forget, such as Courage, Affection, the value of Laughter, never underestimating the Wisdom of the Simplest Things, Love in its Purest Essence (and no matter who), among other virtues, Not to mention the most important of all lessons... :nod:

The Value of Friendship and how to stay united in the face of difficulties is the Key to All Victory. :clap::love::nod:

And yes, it will sound cheesy and exaggerated, but wow, I perceive that also in "DC Hero Girls", which I not only see because its character design stroke is noticeable for miles, but (and what a favor it did to what remains of DC) for the personalities and situations he achieved for characters that before looked so stiff and with such cliché behaviors: rude Supergirl, lover of Heavy Rock (and with some anger problems), Batgirl a "freak" of gadgets and almost Otaku of Batman... A Latin "Green Lantern", pacifist and Ecologist Convinced? Not to mention a Wonder Woman unable to fit into the modern world, how epic and heroic she is, or that Zatanna was the Rarity of the group (and Bumblebee the Fluttershy with a touch of Twilight). There hasn't been an episode that I didn't laugh :giggle:at as many occurrences as they do in that series. And all those good laughs I owe to you, Mrs. Faust. :nod::clap::love:

Well, that was all I wanted to tell you, and yes, I went on a lot (a sad defect on my part^^;), I hope the new projects you must be involved in reach Buen Puerto and we can see more genius on your part, but you know what that he did for us, the children's public and the Fandom Unthinkable from the Brony Community, we will be forever in your debt:salute: for the time you took (well, Hasbro allowed) to show us what it's about working hard and reaching the proposed star, with the example given with your great work and talent that you showed us, with that adventure that you started with that, "Once upon a time... in the Magical Land of Equestria..." :heart:

Thank you very much Mrs. Laurent Faust. :headbang::cries::heart:

Thank you for existing... and making us so happy

everyone and "everypony" too... :nod::hug:


Tokyo Toy. :happybounce::stupidme: