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WLC fundraiser art progression

By fyre-flye
So, if you saw my latest journal, "MLP rewards for helping animals!" you know I'm helping with a fundraiser for my good friends at Wildlife Learning Center for badly needed veterinary equipment. This is the art I created for the fundraiser, featuring some of the animals they care for at WLC. Boomer the Siberian Lynx, Cleo the Fennec Fox, Lola the Two-Toed Sloth, Danali the Bald Eagle, Kingston the Squirrel Monkey, Zeus the blind Screech Owl and others!  Plus, a little look into how this piece progressed, from thumbnail to final color. These days, I don't get to draw as much as I used to, so getting to do a full piece like this is a special treat. Hope you like!

If you haven't already checked out the fundraiser, please do. There are rewards for donating that feature this art, as well as perks especially for My Little Pony fans!

Logo design my brother, Jason!
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Bring back the Galaxy Girls :(

please make pinkiedash official, and rechange The episode, pleaseeee, and we miss you so much 🥺✨❤️

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Even if she for some reason wanted to, she literally couldn't. This has been the case for years.

So even if this wasn't a hilariously outrageous and stupid request, it would still be a waste of time.

A legend ended here.

we miss you

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That´s right :/

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Your here already!=3
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I´m on DA for years. What´s up? ^^

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I’m good and also don’t say what’s up okay?
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Good to know. :) Btw why not lmao? U have bad experience with this word? Should I say "sup?" instead?

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may I have some lööps
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yes here are your lööps
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found u here bruh bhur
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*ćöńßümëß łööpß*
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this illustration was post here since january of 2015. 

you are awesome lauren-sama
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Wow.. it seems that this account has been dry for a while.. :(
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A WHILE she has gone for 3 YEARS
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