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Up All Night

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Sketch of Twilight for 2008 MLP:FiM pitch bible. Up late studying.
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morion87Hobbyist Writer
We've all been there Twilight. Anyone who says otherwise... Is lying.
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I sympathize with Twilight here. This is what I feel like whenever I'm making a comic for DeviantArt.
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Miss-Mori02Student General Artist
The feeling is mutual Twilight..  -__-zzZZZz
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Miko-The-FoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
when you have a test in school the next day but understand nothing. 
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SwirlSpeedArtsYTStudent Digital Artist
What do you use to draw like what resources?
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Ms. Faust first off love your work and this question has bugged me
When you look at the pony art on the internet which do see more of creative content or strange content
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Luspear-SoramHobbyist Artist
Wow. This really shows Twilight's character as a bookworm. It is unique to have the bookworm character also be the leader. I can relate as I am a geek, and I like to stay up late.
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Ice-Star-PonyHobbyist General Artist
This is me after writing drafts of anything, heck this is any artist or bookworm after anything. I love how she's using the books as a pillow, they're much softer than you'd think.
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CatiacaterinaHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Have you been reading books all night?! Twilight Sparkle-sleeping on the books-PLZ 
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xXTheNovaWolfXxHobbyist General Artist
twilight you REALLY need to stop reading so late. XD
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micarussHobbyist Artist
thats woot luna said. :happybounce:  XD
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mel-the-bunnyHobbyist Traditional Artist
up all night! sleep all day!
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That's me in the morning XD
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EvekleHobbyist Traditional Artist
That me before a test! Much pain.
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AnimeCitizenHobbyist Filmographer
Twilight: Ugh this is the last time I read the Hunger Games...It never ends...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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DeadMaster1317Hobbyist General Artist
*last-minute studying for SATs in a nutshell. :3
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Nerdy-PonyHobbyist General Artist
so kewt
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LightningWolf2002Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me before a test
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*Insert extensively long and meaningful comment of how awesome this is here.*
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Tuxedo-Guy2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay, someone answer this: Hasbro obtained the original G1 series (with the edited 1984 and 1985 specials, sadly) and recently released them, due to extremely high demand, and the logos and characters were re-trademarked... so... what does that mean...
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I didn't believe that it would arrive the day in that, finally, Mrs. Faust would write him. You are a designer of those that alone they see each other if at all twice in a life, I have admired that he/she made with a frank so it expires as "My Little Pony", as it transformed it into the phenomenon of masses that is now, like without necessity of too frivolous and overloaded designs it got characters, situations, an entire unthinkable universe with something for what you/they didn't give a cent... and I also saw what Hasbro knows as "gratefulness."   
The series already arrived to the episode 100 and at least its name continues in the credits of the program (they don't have form of denying that), but to not few it bothered us that, of all the curious and amusing scenes that he/she had the cap`´itulo, none was some form of gratefulness for its incredible work. If I still see the series it is alone for the work that of their hand one can see, especially that you bet him to encourage everything in Flash and that it worked so well, a form of animation in which I am still of novice.  
This, (I admit it) it has been a very long greeting, and until there is a lot that I won't include for not lengthening it more, alone he/she wanted to thank him the for so stupendous work, to have created as much as there is in Equestria, Ponyville and all fantastic region has created to make that the "Magic of the Friendship" it was an entire visual poem.   
I hope to see their next work. While, it would feel very honest if he/she saw as much as I have made as for fan arts he/she refers, inspired by their designs. I have had a good time a lot transforming everything into ponys, but soon I will include other things.   
For the time being... so single thank you to give me so much happiness, I wait I am contagious their way to make the things that so well are.   
And, sending to Hasbro to the demon,¡¡ALIVE THEIR GENIUS, MRS. FAUST!!!
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Nekomi89Hobbyist Artist
I exactly know how she feels like... "Yawn " Poor Twily...  Petting is sensual! 
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Study now, and you can play in the holiday :D
Believe me
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GeneralFlareHobbyist General Artist
Twilight, it's apparent you need help, this book addiction is getting to your head, this habit is unhealthy!
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