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Unicorn Family

Development sketch for MLP:FiM 2008 pitch bible.

These were just random Fillydelphia residents. I wanted Ponyville to be Fillydelphia originally. Obviously that didn't pan out, but I was glad we got to use the name somewhere else.
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This family is so adorable. This is good for understanding the family relationships with ponies. The mom looks a bit like Pinkie Pie.
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If Ponies=America, then......
Dragon Nation=China
Diamond Dogs=South American Countries
Windigos=Nordic Countries
Jackpotted's avatar
I wouldn't agree.
And because mule & donkey are commonly insults, i don't think you should use them
DracoKX's avatar
Response to first sentence: That's fine. I understand.

Response to second sentence: Is there another way I could refer to the species? I realized your point too, but don't know what other word to use.
Jackpotted's avatar
I think maybe just change it to deer?
DracoKX's avatar
The edit button for that comment isn't there anymore. I didn't do it on purpose, it's just not there anymore.
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The Widegos are a play on words, stemming from the Wendigo, a Native American mythological creature, so they obviously can't be the Nordic countries.
DracoKX's avatar
Maybe griffons then? And have like actual horses be Europe.
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I see the u draw traditional art
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Can those be mentioned in the show please?
RaynaTheZombieAJ's avatar
Anyone else think it was unicorn Big Mac and Pinkie Pie with a kid before they read the description??
ToastedToast15's avatar
And their child is Snips.
HyperGurl4010's avatar
Lol I thought it was shining armor and that one unnamed background horse with spike at first. You're guess seems better than mine. :icontwilightclapplz:
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