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Sometimes I have time to make art. Here is some.
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i'd take these over DC superhero girls any day of the week
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They gave up on the crappy version and rebooted DCSG as Super BFFs basically. It’s totally Lauren-tastic now.
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are these meant to be dc superhero girls which one is the first one?
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didn't know that was a show...
TheObscureArtistguy's avatar
these look like pop vynl figures.
bIue-skies's avatar
That is so cute!
09099aazz's avatar
I'd rather this be a new show on Cartoon Network than "Teen Titans GO!" 
dumdumdum12's avatar
I highly agree!
de-termination's avatar
WG heavily reminds me of Violet from the Incredibles...
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Ya know, I might just make some actual pens based off of these.  

Actually ignore that.  GOING TOO DO THAT RIGHT NOW!!!!!
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I love the fact that you made this Lauren. Its funny to see the SBFF's as pens(I know they aren't but the way they are drawn look like big pens). I even made a petition to get some interest to make SBFF as a show.…
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Tremble before the might of the Sbff's!
iRainbowNarwhal's avatar
What do you use to make this?
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Universal despised
Dim432's avatar
Get well soon
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Awwww.  Love them.
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Really like your work, and style. I'm working on a lot of the same, and you're a total inspiration.
Keep up the good work!
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