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Wonder Girl, Batgirl and Supergirl --- work in progress. Color forthcoming, y'all.

SBFF ©DC & Warner Bros.
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eleventhpoliceboxHobbyist Traditional Artist
haha now supergirl is a real thing haha
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KatySceneProfessional Digital Artist
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Panda-JennHobbyist Digital Artist
I would LOVE to see a sketch of Batgirl and Pinkie Pie's super hero persona fighting crime together! They would make a perfect team! What girl wouldn't want a cute pink pony for a sidekick? Especially one with the awesome ability to make cupcakes!!!! :love:
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Panda-JennHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm SO drawing that NOW! *races to find some blank paper*
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Child-of-loveStudent General Artist
Daw!! I like the color scheme you have going on! Definitely like how each one has their own body types. :D I can definitely see SuperGirl being toned/with muscles. Love your art Lauren!!
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FenLlasHobbyist Digital Artist
I love sketches like this, where you can see the process of it coming together! Plus, 3 different styles of character on one page is always good! :]
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NeonRedWingsProfessional Traditional Artist
Looks great!
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bennarooskyProfessional Photographer
If you don't mind, Lauren, I may take a crack at coloring these.  I was gonna do it with some of your previous sketches of the trio, but I like these better.
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LauChan10Hobbyist General Artist
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BrooBrooStudent General Artist
can i color? :D
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juultjepuultjeHobbyist Writer
Oh wow, I really love the way you drew Supergirl.

She's a little... well, in my country we'd call it "cozy". Not fat...
...just cuter?

(And is it weird that Batgirl reminds me of Pinkie Pie? Might be her pose and her grin...)
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OverLapingLeafsHobbyist General Artist
She's not even chubby though. Look at her waist - it's all muscle. 

Though having a non-thin character certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. 
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juultjepuultjeHobbyist Writer
Well, at least it's cute! ^^
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Man I love your style. Can't wait to see the colors. ^u^
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megamaplepizzaStudent Artist
I love how they aren't "sexy" like they usually are in the usual comics, especially wonder woman and supergirl

good job!
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I am loving how Batgirl is being drawn! :D
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this looks awsome^^
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i really hope I can get a set of theses figures
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InGodzHandzHobbyist Writer
I love how Supergirl is actually heavy set! Finally, there is a supergirl who is not a stick figure!
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superN63 General Artist
I wonder if Solomon Grundy is still trying to reconsider fighting them
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MyLittlePrimoStudent Traditional Artist
Wow, look how strong Supergirl looks! :lol:I'm impressed!
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STICKYCUBE1Hobbyist Digital Artist
glad to know your still alive. 8I
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Super-JoshHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love your Supergirl.
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