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SBFF Batgirl sketches

By fyre-flye
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Some early sketches of Batgirl for SBFF.

© & TM DC Comics and Warner Brothers
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BobalilyHobbyist Digital Artist
You are so talented! You should be a cartoonist for a network 
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PinkiePietheMoonriseHobbyist Digital Artist
she is.... (No offense) (Sorry if that came across as mean)
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BobalilyHobbyist Digital Artist
I know she is. I was playing around :P
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AllyGal123Student Digital Artist
I'm guessing she's the silly one. :iconclapplz:
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If Batgirl ends up becoming Oracle (and a lot of DC fans will know what that means,) will she become an kind of tech-nerd (in the vein of an overly obsessed MMORPG player,) chatting on her cam quarter with Black Canary and the Huntress?
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UltimateBurritoHobbyist General Artist
Gosh, she is so cute!! <3
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liza-pozinenko Photographer
On sketches she recallsPinkie Pie
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liza-pozinenko Photographer
On sketches she recalls Pinkie Pie
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in the trailer she reminded me of harley quinn.
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you must love this L. faust
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XxBambigirl22xXHobbyist General Artist
XD Love it.
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XxRachelWolfxXStudent General Artist
Absolutely amazing!
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BigACCHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhhhh! I love this pic! I went to NASA space camp and we all got super hero names and I was BATMAN! But that's mainly because I would jump down the stairs make a pose and say... " I'M BATMAN!!!"
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MEW-tifulProfessional General Artist
I absolutely love this version of batgirl.
I love that she's really excitable and fangirly, but she is still perfectly capable of vanquishing wickedness!
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How many episodes was in SBFF? Also how was Batgirl related to Batman (WonderGirl is Wonder Womans younger sister and SuperGirl is Super Mans younger sister,(atleast I think they are) so I just figured she was also related somehow.
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Batgirl is Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbra Gordon. She somehow managed to become one of Batman's proteges...
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Spyro9 Digital Artist
She's adorable!:squee:
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Jazzlednightmare16Hobbyist Artist
So cool :)
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TheRockinStallionHobbyist Traditional Artist
Her face reminds me of a girl I had a crush on in school! XD
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raggyrabbit94Hobbyist General Artist
LOVE THIS. batgirl is my fav. you know what would be cool? if Harly Quin was also in the show too. she is a bigger fan girl than Bat Girl
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GhostDog401Hobbyist Digital Artist
GO BATGIRL!!! She's my favorite in your shorts :D
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SJRiveraStudent Traditional Artist
It's like somehow Pinkie Pie got fused with Bubbles and Barbara Gordon....
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