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A very early design of Princess Celestia for the 2008 MLP:FiM pitch bible. Back then she was a full-fledged Queen.
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Would there be a high likelihood that Celestia and Luna have a father who is the king of the Alicorns?
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How I love that alicorn.
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Glad she stayed the same but glad you changed her legs and hoof design 
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morion87Hobbyist Writer
Glad Celestia stayed princess. Queen would have made it hard for me to feel anything for her. Even if she never did anything evil.
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I like Princess Celestia she always reminded me of the Virgin Mary aka Our Lady of Fatima.
Our Lady of Fatima is also associated with the sun and Our Lady of Guadalupe is also associated with moon like Luna.
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I love this show show so much and I love both G1 and G4. 
I'm still a Brony and always will. I love the drawing Princess Celestia as a Goddess as well.
I draw inspirational also from Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy and also Greek Mythology.
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CrazyGraeHawkatooStudent General Artist
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Hikari-no-FuyuStudent General Artist
She is Georgious!
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shadowstaff666Hobbyist General Artist
It's so cool!
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Genie-DragonStudent Traditional Artist
I love her!
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Three words: Majestic!
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That's one word,,
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"Three words" is in the count, too.^^
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ElementShimmerHobbyist Photographer
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Sparklet-RayneHobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks just as regal. She should've remained a queen.
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jazcat17Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very pretty!
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I can see a definite relation to the art of the legend of the two sisters. 
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makaroscHobbyist Writer
Was there ever going to be a male Alicorn?
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There were appearances of male alicorns in the show, but those just turned out to be animation errors.
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makaroscHobbyist Writer
So no
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JustMidoritaHobbyist Artist
Cute! It doesn't look too different from her current design uwu.
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My little pony Princess Celestia
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