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Sometimes I have time to make art. Here is some.
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I love this show since I was a little boy... And Bubbles is my all-time favorite! 😇

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So simple, so brief but so classical.
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Now THIS is the PPG I know! 2016? NAH FAM! Great art btw.

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Nice art work you did.
ThunderSnowolf's avatar
I hope they don't kill me...
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AWWW, so cute!
KawaiiSteffu's avatar
My childhood <3 
nightshadowmlp's avatar

PPG, MLP, and Wander over yonder are some of my favorite shows.
Enlightened-Titan's avatar
Your art is stolen: Puff by Yin-Yang-2016
AimForrest's avatar
They're so cute!
SkippyLucky7's avatar
the reboot sucks
JavierRowdyruff's avatar
Fair Enough for you, I like both Old & reboot
mlprainbowarts's avatar
Awww, I miss that show, I have a few books of them
AnimeCitizen's avatar
I miss them greatly!
barbiejupiter's avatar
the love of my childhood**
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This is great!
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