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Sometimes I have time to make art. Here is some more.
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why end the animated non 3D MLP? The best show, well, EVER!

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The TwiDash rules us all

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Hello, I really like your my little pony show

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Yet appreciated

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Draw Yo Gabba Gabba

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she doesn't except requests because she is an animator not a normal deviant

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Wait. How did you know...

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because animators that work on other shows can't except requests from people

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oh that's easy, animators don't respond to people on deviantart, even a person who says "do this picture" they either ignore them or say "no", is that enough common sense for you? 🤨

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I loved MLP since me and my father watched a few episodes in my Texas life.

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Don't copy "++ " with web address

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we don't fall for this anymore

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Good for you.


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