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Howl and Sophie

This messy sketch should probably go in Scraps, but since I can't post most of my work, I figure it's worth a cheat --- at least until I can color it. (Ignore random floating hand study behind them!!)

Howl and Sophie walking on air in Howl's Moving Castle.

**EDIT** Uploaded a better scan and removed confusing hand study.
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WickedHex's avatar
I had no idea you like Howl's Moving Castle!
Mellomoni's avatar
Thank you for making this....
Kabobskew11's avatar
I loooooove howl's moving castle!
UnsolicitedDecadence's avatar
Love the translation into your lineart. Captures the magic. 
ANlMAL--CROSSlNG's avatar
5tella-5trider's avatar
Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle.
FangirlingTrinity's avatar
Oh my gosh, I love this movie so much! Sometimes, I watch it with my little brothers on the weekends! ^^
Hollylily's avatar
i used to watch this movie all the time when i was little!
Maddie2022's avatar
I saw this on twitter :D
LizToTheBrony's avatar
I knew these two looked familiar!
YellowRavenInk's avatar
This looks so sweet!
Avatardpegasister's avatar
Wow! This is so awesome! I love this movie!
DJ-AppleJ-Sound's avatar
Awesome drawing! I love this anime
Stuffii's avatar
Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite movie and you're one of my favorite artists. THIS IS GREAT ERRMGERD :iconiloveitplz: 
Sahara-Fang's avatar
AAAH i actually have the book copy next to me so cute, i do miss Howl's flamboyant curls though~
FanOfDashie's avatar
This was the anime that our media (trainee) teacher brought us when we were taught about anime
at0miccupcake11's avatar
i love that movie as much as mihizaki himself!!!!! [i cant spell his name very well sorry #^u^#]
Microlad's avatar
Just because of this I now have to watch that movie
SealyTheSeal's avatar
I really like this sketch. = )
Shanathehedgehog's avatar
So adorable!! ; O ;~~
SeeSamSketch's avatar
I was so excited when I saw this on twitter! The hand study was nice, by the way. I understand why you removed it though. I love seeing your work so much!
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