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This was the very first sketch of Gilda for the 2008 MLP:FiM pitch bible--- before she got her bad attitude. At that time, I didn't have her character worked out, I just had a section about magical creatures and drew a griffon for it. Once we want to script with grouchy Gilda, her original name was Grizelda, but it didn't pass legal.
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Wait, you're one of the writers of MLP FiM?
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tyeah this is Lauren Faust!
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my god
you're on lauren's profile
im not famous *cries*
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I know, I was trying to get her attention
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Wait this picture is old like what they said

Gilda's old and original name was grizelda i heard what they said in channal fredarator and celestia was a queen once at the 2011 luaran faust i knew it :3
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That is a cool picture of Gilda. I do like griffons. The ones in MLP are the cutest. The previous name is interesting. It reminds me of the song "Your Auntie Grizelda" by the Monkees.
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I'm sure Phoebe Grizelda Howell would have approved... 7@=e
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didn't really fix the gilda issue imo as i expect the mane 6(7 ? ) to help  restore the town too.
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O' how I love griffens.
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So the title was Gilda's first name?
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Did you even read the description? It says that "grizelda" didnt pass legal, so they re-named her gilda.
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Oh. And i don't read descriptions.
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Why are you the average people that never read descriptions? It's just dumb.
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oh boy wonder where ive heard that name before....

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Gizelda sounded cool too, tho^^
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at least Gilda is living up to her former self seeing that she became A LOT nicer in 'The Lost Treasure of Griffinstone'. ;)
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What's pitch bible??
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Aw. Maybe I should make an oc like this. I love the little ear tufts. XP
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Grizelda finally learned friendship. :3
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so Grizelda can be spelled with a 'z' as well?

so it can be spelled Griselda and Grizelda?

she does look like a Griselda she looks like she could be Gilda's older sister, even though her original name and look was suppose to be that.

don't think she would have a older sister but anyway this looks great.
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gilda's sister? thats literally gilda XD 
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