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Fight or Flight

First official art for the fighting game formerly known as Fighting is Magic. She has a name, but it's not legally official yet so it's still hush-hush.

Check out the great, big year-end update at the Mane6 website ----->…
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it was honestly SUPER DUPER Cool of you to create those characters for the game.

your an amazingly talented, kind and just awesome person. you Inspire me

to keep creating. thank you

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Ooo, I didn't see this one yet. This would make a great Christmas card btw. Here where I live in Florida, it's still winter right now... barely. Even if it doesn't feel like it over half the time, lol.

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I don't remember if I've commented on this piece before, but it should be said that Velvet is indeed zee Beautiest. that perfect combination of prim, smug, floofy, and just a bit psychotic. It is fun seeing this non-finalized version of her color scheme having much more of a christmas-y feel to it.

Really, though. I really do want to thank you for going out of your way to give the folks at Mane6 more than just the character designs themselves, but the fire to make a miracle game come together against the odds.

Also, it was cool of you to do an interview with the folks at Hold Back to Block. Thank you.
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I came here to say top floof gang rise up.

stoned-ocean-420's avatar
This is so adorable, what a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season~
(also those little gremlins look like mini emperor pilafs to me lol)
Symbiob's avatar
A special christmas
hansemist's avatar
Nightfall-Gloam's avatar
Velvet is best deer!
wildhawk441's avatar
Ok, So Much D'AWWW! but where is Fluttershy?
The reindeer reminds me of Clarice from the stop-motion Rudolph cartoon (with Rudolph's coat coloring...and Applebloom's bow! Whoa....)
shark235's avatar
I believe those are her antlers. But it does look like a bow.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
In another Dimension. Hasbro  was against a MLP fighting game and sincer they own MLP, it was instead changed into a game where different herbivorous mammals beat the crap out of eachother. This one is their counterpart to Rarity. Fluttershy's is a sheep, AJ's a cow, Pinkie's an alpaca, Twilight's a classical Unicorn and finally RD's is 20% cooler and (literally) hotter at the same time thanks to being a Longma.  
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Beautiful work Lauren.
Zarcan's avatar
i saw on fyre-flye main page, this image and below marked : 404 comments
was like, the HECK ? and Error page reference lol?
Very cute to
NiniProductions's avatar
Oh, awesome!!! Just letting you know... You're my idol, Lauren!
I hope to be a major animator someday like you :3
princess-of-sky's avatar
Gorgeous <3 I LOVE THIS ONE you know... I really want to be your friend :PinkyPiela: :happybounce: Squee! 
ScaryXenia's avatar
Круто. Так мило :"з
FSkindness's avatar
I read the title in the voice of a Terran Viking.
cant wait for this game its going to be great!
RadugaDragon's avatar
Can't wait until Thems' Fightin' Herds is out!
Supercoco142's avatar
Wow! Even the creator of MLP likes Fighting is Magic! Hasbro should know that.
Enzywyn's avatar
Aww! I love your art style! 
SprintTheDasher's avatar
Hmmm... you look... famiar...
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