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This business was supposed to be in a new section on the website, but never went up. So here it is for you! Text written by MWGG blog contributor, Orion. Character art by me, graphic design by the awesome Jyl Freeman. Expect to see more of her gGirl art soon!

Pluto shares her views on her 2006 status change from Planet to Dwarf Planet

I guess nobody likes a rebel.

They liked me back when they discovered me back in 1930. Even back then, despite the fact that I’m over 4.2 billion (you heard me, BILLION!!!) km from the Earth, they could tell how cool I was (-375 degrees) and could so totally dig my hard rock (I’m made of ice and rock, baby!) that they dubbed me Planet X! But when 11-year-old Venetia Burney suggested they call me Pluto, after the mythological Roman God of the Underworld, no one could deny it was perfect. And thus I was dubbed the 9th planet of the Solar System.

But in 2006 a group of so-called "experts" from the International Astronomical Union stripped me of my full-fledged planet status and decided that I, Pluto, the Planetary Punker, the Queen of Cold, the galaxy gal who put the “Rock” in Rockstar --- should be deemed a dwarf planet.

And why? They don’t like my estimated size (less than a fifth that of Earth) or where I come from (the Kuiper Belt), or my irregular, oval-shaped orbit. They couldn’t handle that I’m different, that I refuse to conform to their rules about what makes a planet, that I’m a rebel.

But guess what? This is who I am. I know it. I embrace it. And I ain’t changing for nobody. No matter what a group of “international scientist” say, I ROCK—period!

So label me what you will. Planet or dwarf planet, I don’t care. I’ll just keep rockin’ to the beat of my own electric guitar, and be cool with just exactly who I am..

Rockin’ Out!

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i LOVE this art style!!