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Comin Atcha FIN

By fyre-flye
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This may seem a bit redundant since this pic is feature in my journal post, but I thought I'd put it up any way since it's the final product of a couple scraps I posted. This here is set 3, check out step 1, rough sketch and step 2, final sketch, in my scraps section.

This piece was finished solely for the re-launch of the Galaxy Girls website------> check it out!!!
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Uranus: *replaces Mars*

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I learned Jupiter actually replaced Mars. Look here:

comin atcha
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This seems like it could be a video game of some sort. I've yet to see a skating game.
monicracar's avatar
Wow! This is amazing!
starssugar's avatar
It should replace MLP:FiM.
cullyferg2010's avatar
Why's everyone have roller skates?
SophiaDahlen's avatar
Ooh i want that to be a show on cartoon network looks like a cool one
GhostSkeletonBride's avatar
It's weird how much I resemble   the girl with the glasses . The drawing is awesome  poppet.
stigman's avatar
Nicely created
Nikki-Nyan-Cat's avatar
i hope this will become a show it looks awesome and i am a big fan of your works
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I LOVE IT, but wheres EARTH???
im-the-moonchild's avatar
Pluto is totes my favorite She reminds me so much of my character Sunny being a short little rocker with crazy long black hair XD I love her!! oh and Pluto I freaking love her too
MissCurio's avatar
Pluto is quite possibly my favorite.
Antonialaanguila's avatar
cool and adorable!
djirontail's avatar
This should be a tv show ^^
RocknRumble's avatar
Girls who are outta this world. This is gonna be good.
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I can definately see a crossover with these characters and Darwin IV. :)
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Can you please make an animated short about the Galaxy Girls and what they do. That would make many people very happy.
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Pluto is my favorite :D
pixelated-nightmare's avatar
outta interest what program do you use to draw with? (or at least colour) i always seem to have issues getting clean lines and yours are always so neat <3
---i love milky way's eyes!
kikibabylove15's avatar
who are these girls
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